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14th Jul 2017, 7:43 AM
Welcome to the Sims 3 Boarding School Challenge.

This challenge is about raising a group of six kids in a boarding school from children to young adults. The challenge is over when all children have aged into young adults.

The School:

You can play this in any town you want, but go into edit town mode and delete the school.

Choose a set of school colors. These will be used around the school, and in the uniforms.

The school can be as fancy as you want, but it must have these rooms:

A Kitchen
A Cafeteria
Dorms for each gender
Bathrooms with showers for each gender
A classroom (Bookcases, Easels, Guitars, ext.)
A lounge type room (Including objects for the kids to play with)
A gym with workout equipment and a pool
A bedroom for the adult

The Sims:

Create your six children. You may choose all boys, all girls, or 3 of each. Be as creative as you want with the appearance, but randomize the traits. Remember the school uniform!

Create your headmaster. This Young Adult Sim can be male or female, and have whatever appearance you choose. You can choose the traits, but I recommend Nurturing and Friendly.


Once you have moved the sims in, send the adult to the bookstore. Buy 6 sets of 18 books. Then, you can send him/her home and lock the door so only the headmaster can leave the school.

There will be some goals to meet each week.

Each child needs to have gained 1 skill point in painting or, logic, each week. Teens will also have the option of gaining a point in guitar or athletics.

Each child needs to have read 1 book each week.

Each child must have at least 1 new friend every other week, when done, get best friends.

If one does not meet a goal, they will not be allowed to enter the lounge room until it is finished.


The students may not leave the lot until young adults.

Birthdays will be celebrated with a cake for each student and a party within the school.

The headmaster will age without a party.

The headmaster cooks all the meals.

Money is not a object, so you may cheat as needed.


If the social worker takes a child away.

If a child dies.

If the young adult dies of anything but old age.


If each child has gained three points in each required skill (Painting and Logic) you may choose one of the following extras:

You may hire a maid

You may hire a butler

You may buy a food synthesizer

That's all! I hope you enjoy the challenge!

Please tell me what you think! Feel free to post pictures!

If you put my challenge on YouTube, please credit me and share the link. I'd love to watch!