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2nd Jul 2017, 7:04 PM
Hi first challenge, so if your reading this yay! Hope you like this and enjoy. (Pets EP required)

You were a snob all your life, but with a love for animals growing up in Appaloosa Plains. Being a snob you wanted the best and loving animals played a role in that. You've decided you would become a Pure Master. As a rich country gal you heard of titles many times usually when attending "Best Pet in the Show" which is reserved for purebreds only. So with your snobbishness and love for animals combined all your life you wanted to be a Purebred Master. But also as a person loving animals you loved all animals. (i.e. dogs, cats, and horses)
Basically you have purebreds families for dogs, cats, and horses.

-Must be YA
-Look doesn't matter
-Traits must be randomized except for two: snob and animal lover
-LTW: can be whatever
Animal: (Optional)
-must be pre-designed (can be any color, but must be specific breed)
-traits doesn't matter
-if chosen to do this must create all 3 pets: dog, cat, and horse

-Every pet must breed with it own breed
-IDK, and IDC, how you do it, but figure out a way to get a partner for your pet to breed with that's own breed
-Since a legacy challenge you must keep up the Purebred Master title all the way to the 10th generation, your sim's 10th generation not the pets

Keep up the Purebred Master title all the way to the 10th generation, your sim's 10th generation not the pets

Additional Rule
With the being said all your heirs must have the snob and animal traits, because we all know there is always one person who wants live up to same legacy that someone before them did

Optional items to make it harder
-You make a portrait for each pet and heir, for example: a portrait of the founder and their first 3 pets, then the sim heir and the firstborn of the original 3 pets and so on and so forth
-No cheats (I didn't say it before, but no cheats except money cheats allowed because your founder is rich so...) money or otherwise
-Complete sim's LTW while juggling the challenge
-have a family graveyard on the lot (pets only because you cherish the pets more than yourself)

Like I said I hope you enjoy this challenge and combine with other challenges to your pleasing do whatever as this is only guidelines. Also tell me other ways I can help make this challenge better or not and just do it by yourself. :up: