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27th Jun 2017, 7:34 PM
*:・゚✧🐴 CULT OF THE UNICORN 🐴*:・゚✧
Unicorn Cult Challenge for the Sims 3
Created & Written by Syrah (aka. PrincessZeda)

Your love for Unicorns began to develop a following. You have noticed just how many Sims are out to find the elusive, magical Unicorn! This handful of Sims are onto something, and it may change their whole life.

▶ It is strongly recommended that you have NRaas’ MasterController, MasterControllerCheats, and PortraitPanel, mods installed. These mods help expand households beyond the limit, as well as basic household management and editing.
▶ It is optional to have NRaas’ Register mod installed. This mod can edit the amount of strays and other animal spawns if you desire.
▶ It is required to have Pets EP installed. You need Unicorns!
▶ Supernatural EP is optional. This is only to keep track of the lunar cycle.

▶ You may start out with up to 4 Unicorn Followers. These Sims can be of any life state (Fairies recommended), gender, traits, etc. All of these Sims will start at the same rank, which will be explained later.
▶ It is optional to start with animal familiars for your Followers. Cats or dogs only, no horses!

▶ Depending on your playstyle, you can play in complete wilderness or in a bustling rural/urban town. Starting in the wilderness will make your Cult more family dependent (to generate followers), which can be a challenge!
▶ In any world you choose to start in, make sure there are lots where Unicorns can easily spawn.
▶ It is optional to have an adjacent lot from your home dedicated to gardening and/or housing Unicorns.

Worthy One: These Sims are worthy of a Unicorn’s eternal bond. They have succeeded in befriending and moving in a wild Unicorn. This Unicorn is forever linked with this Sim’s life force, portraying the man’s/woman’s true self in their actions.
▶ Successfully befriend/move in a Unicorn. Must become BFF’s with that Unicorn.
▶ There can be as many Worthy Ones in a Cult as there are wild Unicorns to befriend.

High Born: These Sims are the offspring of Worthy Ones. They seem to be more in touch with nature than the lesser ranks, and should receive the highest quality of care.
▶ Only other rank besides Worthy Ones that can interact with befriended Cult Unicorns, but only those that are bonded with related family.
▶ The first in line to befriend Cult-birthed Unicorn foals.

Followers: Cult members that have not yet completed or attempted The Unicorn Path to become a Worthy One. These Sims maintain the vast, luscious gardens created by the Cult through generations.
▶ To become a Follower, this Sim must be successful in The Unicorn Trial.
▶ Their duties are to maintain the gardens and tend to High Born children.

The Unicorn Path: The journey to becoming a Worthy One. Venturing out into the world to befriend a wild Unicorn. This may take days to complete. If you have already become a Worthy One, you cannot complete this trial again.
The Unicorn Trail: The basic ritual in becoming a Cult member. This Sim must spend 24 hours with Cult Unicorns in their pasture. If a Unicorn interacts negatively with the Sim 3 times, they will not become a Follower. If the Unicorn ignites the Sim, they are forever banished and can never join the Cult.
Red Moon: If a Cult Unicorn does 5 evil deeds (seemingly) in a row (cursing/igniting), the Cult must punish the Worthy One bonded with that Unicorn. As other Cult members witness this, they believe the Sim’s life force is tainted with an unrelenting evil and must be rid of it before it spreads to others.

If the Unicorn ignited things more than cursing, the Sim will be ignited themselves by another Cult Unicorn (eventually dying) along with that Sim’s bonded Unicorn. If the Unicorn did more cursing, the Sim and bonded Unicorn will be banished from the Cult and must move out immediately.
Moonlight Affair: On the full moon (or once a week) all Cult members must throw a party together full of bonding and socialization. Try to keep all members together on one area (lock exits) in order to promote this. Refrain from controlling Sims at this time, and watch the fun unfold! This event should last a few hours.
Gift of Life: Worthy Ones who become lovers and produce offspring may also be portrayed in their Unicorn bond. This means their Unicorns may become mates and birth a single, beautiful Unicorn foal. The sons and daughters of the Worthy Ones can attempt to form a bond with the foal, and once it becomes an adult, the Sim with the highest relationship with it will embrace the eternal bond. This event lasts until the foal ages up.

▶ If either a Worthy One or their bonded Unicorn die of old age or other incident, the one remaining will die as well due to their eternal bond (use cheats).
▶ Worthy Ones can only become BFFs with one Unicorn.
▶ When a Sim attempts The Unicorn Path, they must only go after the very first Unicorn they spot, as it is their destiny.
▶ Cult Unicorns should only be controlled to satisfy needs, and produce relationships similar to their bonded Sim. Curses/blessings should be completely autonomous except to ignite Sims on Red Moon.
▶ Cult Members should never hold a job, only profitable hobbies/skills. Mainly gardening with minor creative hobbies.
▶ The Cult of the Unicorn prides itself in being one with nature and its inhabitants. They have a profound love for animals and flora. This should be portrayed in their home and overall lifestyle.
▶ It is often frowned upon to “work” Cult Unicorns by placing them in competitions. Only the more evil Cults are known of doing this.
▶ It is a sin to have a Cult Unicorn breed with a horse. Others view the bonded Worthy One with a sick and twisted mind (similar to inbreeding between Sims).
▶ When two Worthy Ones bear a child, their bonded Unicorns can become mates and bear a foal at any time. It is recommended to bear a foal when all of the Sim’s children are of age to interact with the foal in order to participate in the Gift of Life ritual.
▶ (Optional) After a Cult member becomes a Worthy One, use RNG to select a specific color that will be portrayed by the Sim and their Unicorn. Both will share the same coat/horn/hair/eye colors.

▶ If a Sim autonomously wishes to find/befriend a wild Unicorn, the player must act upon it.
▶ The player must act upon any wishes related to romantic relationships and bearing children by Sims.
▶ You cannot edit the spawn rate of Unicorns in NRaas Register. Any other spawn rate is okay to edit.
▶ You may start out in a premade home or build from scratch if you desire.
▶ Aging can be set to whatever you want as long as it’s not edited throughout the challenge.
▶ Random traits for offspring is recommended but not necessary.

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