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27th Jun 2017, 7:33 PM
There are three kinds of legacies:
1. The legacies that are just: birth - dead - birthday - birth etc.
2. The legacies that aren't really legacies. More kind of separate scened stories and the protagonists of the separate stories are closely related to each others.
3. The very interesting and beautifully made snowflakes everyone secretly wants in their game.

Well, this challenge will force you to do the third one, or at least help you letting it happen by accident. It's simple: all your heirs and their official spouses (no short flirts, instead really important sims who are in most cases parents of the possible next heirs) have to fullfill their LTW. Sounds easy, eh? Well - ALL LTW's have to be used. And you may not use LTWs twice If that's done, the challenge is over. If that's not done...You failed. Those LTWs include things zombie master or turn the town or seasoned traveler or hearthbreaker or gold digger - LTW's that aren't that easy or people who want things to be 'right' won't let happen without a proper backstory. Why would you want to fullfill the gold digger LTW when it doesn't suit the sim and the sims love each other and there are no problems and it's a happy family? Doesn't make sense...


1. Make (Y)A (the Y is recommended) sim in CAS, or download one, or use one in town, or just do whatever you want...As long as the sim isn't an in everything highly skilled millionaire with a 200 happiness points yet and already has a ungoing career. Imagine an 18 year old just getting into the big world, that kind of sim.
2. Make/select from the town or library their spouse(s) note: for this counts the same rule. No supergirl/man/being yet. Just a young adult just getting into the big world trying to find their path of life.
3. Put them into the town. Give them a house. That stuff. You may use freerealestate or money cheats to buy/build the house, but after that put the amount of money 2000 (may be a bit higher if you have a higher bills mod)
4. Let's play

1. YOU MAY NOT USE AN LTW TWICE Be smart. Choose and LTW which is perfect for your heir so you won't regret using an LTW yet generations later. And of course, use every LTW in your game and fulfill them all, heir and official spouse, except when it's impossible due to bugs.
2. Next to fullfillinf their LTW, sims need to have at least 150 000 LTR points aka the big fancy grave
3. After every generation your heir(s) must move to anothe rhouse and the previous heirs must be abandoned.
4. No step 3 before LTW heir is fullfilled. The next heir(s) may not move and you may not start playing with them and only them before the LTW is fullfilled.
5. No cheats, obviously, except in certain circumstances (if your sims are literally dying)
6. Mods are allowed, particularly Mastercontroller, Overwatch and Errortrap by Nraas are recommended.
7. CC is allowed but not recommended. You'll have a huge family, and all those members have cc, and they have to travel all the time? And you don't have a superPC? Bad idea. You do with your game what you want though. Just don't let lag take over.
8. Epic lifespan is okay, but not put it on epic-epic-epic, you get what I mean. If your sims live really long the speed skills get better should be adapted to this, keep it a bit reasonable.
9. You may do some age jumps (everything's done, want to start a new generation, but next heir is only a toddler), but realize this will mean your sims may have lost some skilltime during childhood and teen years.
10. Your sims may move worlds (through the library or the game) as much as they want.
11. You may only choose an LTW not directly between the recommended LTWs when they grow up when you already used all of the recommended ones

1. Vary. Just got an extremely difficult one? Do an easier one the next generation. If your sim is travelling all the time and has the (I guess difficult, never did it) seasoned traveler LTW, let the children travel with them, do some skill stuff when being in France or China or Egypt and they will have already made a huge jump when their generation starts.
2. The same counts for the spouses: don't use two difficult (and totally different) LTW's at once. Combine for example grand explorer (rather difficult I guess) and deep sea driver (rather easy, did it, very easy): they're in the same theme but aren't both very difficult.
3. The full game with all EP's has over 80 LTW's...That means 40 generations. Fourty freakign generations, that needs some time! So, you have two options:
1. The game goes very slow, 40+ generations...Nah. only two LTW's I have to care about every generation though, easy.
2. It goes a bit faster: The heir has two 'real' spouses during their lifetime, or you have double heirs, who both have spouses, one of them has two spouses! It goes much faster, but you'll have to play with more sims and you will have to keep an eye on more things. Quicker, but more difficult.
4. Still too much? Do this challenge only with the LTW's of certain EP's, or only the skill-related once, or only...Choose what not and what to do, but have at least 10 generations to keep things a bit challenging. My record is 6 gen and I'm bad at this stuff so come on it's possible.
5. This may be considered cheating...But, see: your G9 had seasoned traveler LTW. It has not much to do with the relics they find on their journeys, but G10 has private museum; give some of the relics G9 found to G10 and they already have a bit.
6. You know yourself and you'll have the urge to use the same ones over and over again? randomize the traits, you'll get some interesting combos ans surprises.

This is it! Do you have some extra tips, comments are just want to thank me for whatever reason? Write something maybe. If you don't, then you don't!

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