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27th Jun 2017, 7:30 PM
Hi so basically this is a main character challenge made up by me and my cousin (just for self-promo follow me @KJM450 on Instagram I’m private so DM me #YOLO & amosc @KJ_450). I was bored and started looking for a challenge, but all the good ones required mods so I’ve decided to make one and my cousin happened to come stay over at my house so here it is. There is also a *base game version and *Sims 4 version (*coming soon).
Back story:
All your life you felt the need to do more out of life than get a job, get married, have kids, then die. So once you became a young adult and moved out of parent’s house you decided to live life to the fullest. And you didn’t care what hoops you’ll have to jump do to do exactly that.
So this is a mixture of Ambitions, Late Night, and World Adventures if you don’t have that try making up your own thing with different EPs that you have.
• Have a YA (gender don’t matter)
• Traits: Snob, Adventurous, Star Quality, Savvy Sculptor, Kleptomaniac
• LTW: Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous (or something else that relates to this challenge)
So what you have to do is complete six LTWs under only one of them.
-Have 50 bottles of nectar
- Have collection of nectar worth §10,000
-Reach celebrity star level 5
-Be worth §100,000
-Master mixology skill
-Own a bar
-Master inventing, painting, sculpting skill
-Have §50,000 worth of stolen items
Rules :deal:
1. You can't get married until you complete at least one of the goals
2. No Cheats
3. If you don't finish before you reach elder you lose.
Basically you want to live life being rich and traveling around the world (Basically every bucket list). Think of it like leaving a legacy behind that you went and achieved your dreams. Being rich, a celebrity, having an amazing collection of nectar, owning something, having some artistic ways inside you, and have been rebellious once in your life.
I know this is a mouthful, but it’s my own sweat, blood, and tears, I hope you like it and have fun it with add your own twists to if want to and just remember: “You Only Live Once.”