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3rd May 2017, 7:36 PM
Hi everyone! This is my first challenge I've posted. I don't think this is an exact copy of anyone's and if it is, please let me know!

This is a simple challenge based around the idea of adopting and caring for shelter pets until they can be adopted. This challenge has simple concepts, but I've included some challenges at the end to make it harder if you desire. This challenge could also become extremely story driven if you wish!

Over the years you've noticed an increase of horses, dogs, and cats placed in shelters. You haven't always been into animals or maybe you have, but for some reason you feel compelled to give these animals a fighting chance. So whether you've always loved animals or just feel compelled to help, it's your time to shine.

•Mods and Custom Content are allowed as long they don't make the game unfair. For example, a Mod/Custom Content that allows for unique pet colors is fine. But a Mod that allows for more money earning or faster pet friendships isn't.
Think of it this way: If it feels cheat-y, then it probably is and shouldn't be used.
•You'll of course need Pets in order to do this but nothing else is directly required. Some expansions may make money earning through professions possible, but they are not required.

To save and raise shelter animals until you feel content or reach a certain number. (Some challenges have other requirements).

Set Up
•Begin in Create-A-Sim.
•Make one (1) Sim of any gender or age that is young adult or older.
•Your Sim can look any way you wish them to. If you want to be a pop star turned animal caregiver, that's totally okay! Be creative!
•You can have any traits you desire unless you pick a challenge below that requires certain traits.
•Your Lifetime Wish should correlate to something with animals or making money without a job that requires you to leave the house. You don't necessarily have to complete it (unless you decide to or a picked challenge indicates you must).
•DO NOT make any pets yet! You're adopting those in need, not creating them!
•Plop your new Sim down into a lot or house; it doesn't matter what as long as they can afford it.
•You're ready to play! :lol:

•First thing is first, you cannot gain money from a traditional job (one that requires you to leave the house) you have to dedicate your time to the animals afterall!
•You can paint, write books, or get a profession (Ambitions) or run a daycare (Generations).
•You can collect objects for a living but they must only be on your home lot! No leaving a lot to go collecting.
•If you're going somewhere (perhaps to remove the stir crazy moodlet) you must take all your pets with you! That means, no leaving the house until you have at least one (1) pet!
•Every Sunday you must add one (1) pet to your household via adoption.
•Minor pets like birds, lizards, fish, etc. don't count as adopting. You can have them, though.
•You can invite a stray into your home on Sunday—that DOES count! However you must be friends and invite it, Not just cheat to add it.
•For every pet you have, each must have a food bowl, a bed, and a toy (horses can have a bowl or a salt lick). You can customize the colors any way you want.
•For toys, each piece from the toy box counts as one (1). So, one dog could have the chewy bone and another the hotdog.
•Before your pet arrives during Sunday, they must have all three required objects!
•If you lack the funds to purchase these objects and it's time to adopt an animal, you must delete objects in your house until you have enough (yes, even the toilet).
•In order to adopt the pets out they must know the following or obtain the following:
DOGS: One trick, friendship with your caretaker, have received a positive or negative trait from scolding or praising.
CATS: Two (2) hunting skill, friendship with your caretaker, have received a positive or negative trait from scolding or praising.
HORSES: One (1) racing skill, One (1) jumping skill, friendship with your caretaker.

Once the animal reaches those requirements you can "adopt them out", simply place them into a household.
For each animal you adopt out you gain $300. However:
For every extra trick a dog learns you gain an extra $100.
For every extra hunting point a cat has, you gain (over the two (2) required) You gain an extra $100.
For every extra running or jumping point a horse has, you gain an extra $100.

Opportunites are allowed, if you need to drop something off or go to a building make sure to bring all your pets to somewhere near the building as you enter it to complete the opportunity.

Since Pets can't travel, you cannot (World Adventures).

You can also decide to have kittens, puppies, foals, but these don't count toward your every Sunday adoption rule. You can adopt them out, but gain no money for them.

You're allowed to build a family of your own. They can't have any sort of money making power though. No painting, books, job of any kind. If you want it to be a legacy you can do that too!

However, children or spouses cannot help train pets. No one but the caretaker can help with pets. Children and spouses can fill bowls and interact with pets but no training or trick teaching!

Obviously if the pets get taken away, the challenge is considered over.

That's about it for the main rules! Of course as mentioned there's some challenges below!

Challenge Add-Ons

1. Living the Farm Life: You've decided to go fully eco-friendly.
Your sim must have: Loves the Outdoors trait and Eco-Friendly (if you have it).
You can only earn money through fishing (house pond only unless you take your pets fishing), gardening, canning, chicken and cows if you have the Store Content. You must also feed each pet one gourmet pet food before they're adopted out. All of your food must be home cooked, that means no quick meals and no meals that have a dollar sign next to them, you have to have the ingredients.

2. I Never Wanted This: You didnt want this life. For whatever reason, you're forced to raise animals you don't want. You no longer feel any positivity through life.
You must have the Loner, Grumpy, and Brooding trait if possible.
Since your Sim struggles to even appreciate the pets, the pets struggle to appreciate the Sim. Therefore, you must be Bestfriends before adopting the pet out.
Your Sim cannot use any of the "Affection" interactions with Pets.
All Pet objects must be kept in a separate room from your Sim.

3. I Want to Be Famous! (Nightlife Required): You've ALWAYS dreamed of a life of luxury! When someone said helping others may be a way to a claim to fame you sunk your teeth into the chance to foster animals.
You must reach five (5) star celebrity level.
You cannot make money on your own whatsoever. Hey, you're wanting to be famous! Marry someone with money and move them in.
You must bathe/brush all dogs every other day, no grime here!
Your pets' names must all have something to do with a related theme.

4. Homeless: You don't have a roof over your head. Yet.. somehow this is a good idea.
Your Sim must have the slob trait.
Your Sim can never live in a house even if they marry into a house.
You can have a tent, sleeping bag, or a bed if none of those are available. Or, you can simply live off the land completely.
You can still adopt pets, but try to focus on strays.

5. Bigger Family: You've decided that increasing your pet amount isn't enough, it's time to add children!
Male or female your Sim wants children!
You must complete the surrounded by family Lifetime wish.
Your Sim can have more children than that.
You can get married if you wish.
All children and teenagers must get honor roll.
All teenagers must be top of their class (if you have two teenagers graduating at least one must be. I believe this is only in generations).
Teenagers that graduate must go to college (university).

6. Skill Master: You want to become a master of pets and skill!
Your Sim must complete their Lifetime Wish.
Your Sim must master the racing skill related to horses.
Your Sim must also master another skill such as logic, guitar, etc.
Your Sim must completely ALL challenges related to a mastered skill. You'll find them in the skill journal.

For taking on a challenge, you gain $500 per pet and an extra $150 for every extra money earning part you do.

Well, that seems to be it! :cool:
If you have any questions please ask! If you want to play this with your own set of rules or alter something, that's totally alright!

If you want, feel free to share pictures and your story!