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26th Apr 2017, 7:45 PM
Storyline :new:
Growing up you were always on the crazy side, but not to worry it made you into a genius! Maybe a little crazy but what's the bother? All the best people are! When you grew up you got married had some kids and became a scientist carrying out how do you say...controversial experiments, this one you were currently working on is to populate the earth with only perfect sims, good looking, smart and good survival skills. So we simply put them in a pod with the basic necessities and let's see who lives the longest have those two create a child and repeat until you have enough SIMPLE. and as you let those people out into the world they will have kids which will also be perfect!

Just one problem. You don't have the legal permission... Hm, you'll just have to do it anyway, without anyone finding out.

The Scientist.
They must have the trait insane and genius. They may have any other traits and may look however they want.

The Spouse
They must have the Traits neat and a natural cook.they might have any other traits and must look rich and attractive.

The kids
There may be however many you want but must have the genius trait they may have whatever other traits they want. They must look rich and attractive.

Move your family into a big house (you may use money cheats).
You may build the individual pods as well but be careful where you put them as nobody is supposed to know (including your family)
The spouse must be a stay at home parent and the scientist must join the science career.

The Challenge.
You must kidnap as many sims as possible and place them into the pods which have their necessary appliances for them to live. (toilet stove fridge shower and bed)
After kidnapping the sims you must ask them to move in.
After some have died, you must pick two sims of the opposite sex and play as them and make them try for a baby.
After doing so you must kill off the other sims and collect more sims.
Repeat until you have two lots of couples that are trying for babies.
You may keep the parents there and create more kids or you can kill them off.
When the children are born you can take them and only the children out of the pods and must raise them to become the perfect sims. Meaning they must max out two skills before adult/young adulthood.
(You may tell everyone that you have adopted them to look after and influence.)
If you fail to make the sims perfect you may either kill them off or make them have more kids to try again.
If you succeed you must make those sims have more kids and so on.
No one is allowed to find out that those people are there.
If you die before completing the challenge you must make one of your kids carry on until you have five sims that were made from perfect parents.

No one must find out what is going on.
You may have a graveyard.
Cheats are allowed.
You must not play as any of the sims while they are in the pods

10 for every perfect sim created
-5 for every sim that failed to become perfect
-50 for every person that catches you.
25 points for every generation of perfect sims

This is one of my first challenegs so please tell me what you think or leave any suggestions down bellow. :up: :new: ;)

Heart Sims
15th Jun 2017, 7:19 PM
for people to be dumb enough to die, should we turn down but not off free will?
Edit: I've been taking away objects at midnight so eventually if they are still alive I take away the fridge

Second edit:
https://s9.postimg.org/sxn2hj03v/1_ST_BATCH.png (https://postimg.org/image/sxn2hj03v/)
https://s14.postimg.org/5rwe9alkd/1st_batch_adult.png (https://postimg.org/image/5rwe9alkd/)
first batch result! Name is Arii. He's not as cute as his parents :cry: his parents are Desean Young and Annie Nix.