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8th Apr 2017, 7:37 PM
(I'm just play testing this, so comment if it looks like I've missed something! ty)

Back story: Why did you do it? Your life was progressing. Everything was going great, then you met that cute/handsome sim, and now . . . well let’s just say life is harder.

1. Sim, traits, and lifetime wishes

Make a YA sim. The sim can be male or female.

You may choose any traits you like for the founder, but all heirs’ traits must be randomized.

You may choose any lifetime wish you want for founder/heirs, so long as they don’t conflict with the challenge.
Heirs cannot share the same lifetime wish as any of their predecessors.

There are no limitations for lifespan.

2. Lots, and moving
Once you’ve made your founder, move them into any lot they can afford without freerealestate/money cheats.

After the founder/heir has crafted their heirloom, and it’s time to move onto the next heir, you can move them to a new lot. You must take everyone living in the home with you, and you can’t use freerealestate/money cheats.
You cannot move at any other point.

3. The Romance, and the Curse
Your founder/heir must meet another sim that gives them the attracted moodlet- if you use nraas scoring mod, they must find them blindingly stunning.
Your sim must also have an incompatible zodiac sign with this sim.
After your sim has completed their lifetime wish, this sim will move in, and they’ll immediately start trying to produce an heir (use try for baby at least once every night until pregnant). Because their zodiac signs are incompatible, their relationship is cursed and cannot last. They must break up once your sim knows they are pregnant/their partner has had the baby.
The partner must move out after the breakup.

4. Pregnancy
The founder/heir cannot become pregnant with the new heir until they’ve completed their lifetime wish, and any siblings/half siblings have moved out.

5. Postnatal romance, and marriage
Once the new heir has reached childhood stage, your sim can try to rekindle the romance with their wayward lover. Unless otherwise noted, you can never marry, or move in with them, but you can have additional children with them. If they ever stay the night, they must leave before their child wakes up, so the new heir doesn’t get the wrong impression.

Once the new heir has reached childhood stage, you can begin dating other sims. You can’t move in together, until you get married. You can only get married if you have compatible zodiac signs.

6. Stepparents, siblings, and divorce
If your sim and their lover have additional children, they must all be moved out of the home when they reach YA stage.

Once your sim is married, they can have as many children with the new spouse as they like. All the half siblings must be moved out when they reach YA stage.

If the married heir dies before their spouse, the spouse must move out asap, and take all of the new heirs half siblings, that are in the home with them. So the new heir is left behind.

If the married heir divorces their spouse, the spouse must move out asap, and take all of the new heirs half siblings, that are in the home with them. So the new heir is left behind.

7. Education, money, and work
Single parent living isn’t luxurious! No money cheats!

Education is hard for a single parent! Your sim can only go to university, if their lifetime wish is related to obtaining a degree.

Your sim cannot be self employed, but they can sell/consign produce, fish, books, so on, and enter races as a hobby, etc.

Your sim can work a profession prior to becoming pregnant/partner becoming pregnant with an heir. Once pregnant they must quit.
They can take up a profession again once they’ve married.

Unless your sim has a degree, the only “non-profession” jobs they can work are: part time jobs, acting/directing, criminal, culinary, music, and pro-sports.
Once they have a degree, they can get a job in a related field.

8. The craft, skill building, and the story
Once the founder/heir has completed their lifetime wish they must take up a craft and reach level 10, master it by completing all the skill challenges, then produce an heirloom.
The heirloom doesn’t need to contain a resemblance or likeness to the artisan/family, but it does need to be of the highest quality.

(Optional) Once a new heir has been produced, they should be present/on the same lot whenever founder/heir is doing any sort of skill building (take them to the library, play chess with them, and so on).
Make sure not to take them anywhere inappropriate! Example: Infant-child sims don’t belong at the gym, but teens are fine, and so on.

*You can master the skills in any order, the list is just a guide*

Generation 1 The Curse Begins: Painting or sculpting- Paint masterpiece/Sculpt a never melting ice sculpture: Sim cannot have the Descendant of Da Vinci, Illustrious Author, Master of the Arts, or Visionary lifetime wishes:
The breakup left you deeply sad. Eventually you meet new sim and marry them, but it doesn’t soothe your heart. Although your new relationship started great, after the wedding you begin to fight all the time. In the end you decide divorce is the best option for everyone. You never remarry.

Generation 2 The Curse Awry: Writing- Write a best-selling masterpiece: Sim cannot have the Illustrious Author, or Professional Author lifetime wishes:
The breakup left you confused, and furious! So you seek to regain control of your life, through your passion. You never marry, or even have a partner move in with you, because your too busy jumping from one romantic partner to the next.

Generation 3 The Curse Corrodes Unity: Inventing- Make a Simbot: Sim cannot have the Descendant of Da Vinci, or Monster Maker lifetime wishes:
The breakup was your undoing. You’re determined not to repeat your parent’s mistakes. You dream of stability, and marriage. So you enter the dating world eagerly, and you do get married! You get married again, and again, and again! It turns out that it’s important to have something other than the wedding on mind, when you get hitched. Your lack of foresight lands you in many rebound relationships. You get divorced several times, and never remarry after that.

Alternative Generation 3: If you don’t want to mess with the photography/other skill, skip the 3rd gen. storyline and play through the 4th gen. storyline, while leveling the inventing skill.

Generation 4 The End of the Curse: Photography- Take a Panorama photo, with the Classic Vignette filter: Sim cannot have the Visionary, or World Class Gallery lifetime wishes:
The breakup was the final straw! You go out of your way to fight with your lover again, and again. You fight so much you declare them your nemesis! This leaves you feeling less than satisfied. Your determined to beat the curse once and for all!

The 4th gen. heir can marry another sim, but will have to divorce them.
Once the heir has declared their lover to be nemesis, they must work to repair the relationship, and become best friends- you can use cheats to raise the relationship up to “acquaintance”, but no higher.
Once they’re best friends, with a full gauge, the heir must romance them and ultimately marry them.