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25th Mar 2017, 3:04 PM
"You may walk on the land," she said, "But as long as you're there, you are not allowed to speak to anyone. Otherwise strange things may happen."

The Secret Mermaid Challenge
This challenge is based on the story of Disney's The Little Mermaid. There are a lot of parallels, but I gave it my own little twist.

I'm very sorry for the people who don't have it and still want to do the challenge, but this challenge requires the Sims 3 Island Paradise (because you'll need to make mermaids, and you'll need places where you can dive)

The Story
You have always been a mermaid that's interested in human things. Other mermaids would often call you weird because of it. You have never been able to find a lover because of your weird obsession.
One day, when you were swimming around near the beach, you saw him/her: The loveliest, most beautiful person you've ever seen. You immediately fell in love with him/her. If only you could be with him wherever he'd go...
Luckily, you've heard stories of a good seawitch. She could probably help you! So, you visited her and told her about your problem.
She made you an offer that you accepted without hesistating: "I know a spell that can change your tail into human legs when you're on the land, and do the opposite when you're in water, but it requires an offer. An offer YOU must make: When on land, your voice will go unheard by anyone. And if anyone apart from your love would see your fish parts, you'll die on the spot."

- Marry a human sim and get a mermaid child with him/her, without anyone noticing that you're part fish.
(- Optional: Have 5 human friends, and 3 mermaid friends)

- Your sim must have clothes that cover up their legs COMPLETELY for at least these outfits: Everyday, Formal, Fitness, Outdoor (You'll die if other sims discover, and it's REALLY easy to discover that someone's a mermaid if you can see the scales on their legs)
- Your sim may not have the 'Evil', 'Mean-spirited', 'Hates Children', 'Unstable', 'Inappropriate', 'Commitment issues' or 'Unflirty' traits, But 'Flirty', 'Charismatic', 'Great Kisser' and 'Lucky' aren't allowed, either.
- Your sim must have the 'Loves to swim' and the 'Hopeless Romantic' traits. The rest is up to you to decide.
- Making your future wife/husband is optional, there are no limits to him/her, other than that they aren't allowed to be a mermaid and they aren't allowed to live in the same house.

To start
1. Buy/build a house in Isla Paradiso (Tip: Build it near the sea!)
2. Decrease your money to $3000 by using the cheat Familyfunds *last name of your mermaid character* 3000
3. Now you need to become a mermaid. You can do this in whatever way you want (Fullfill about 1000 wishes/fullfill your sims Lifetime Wish and then buy Mermaid Kelp via the Lifetime rewards, or get a piece of kelp by befriending another mermaid and ask about their fishparts). For people who want an extra challenge: Give yourself a timelimit (like 2 simdays or so)
4. Now you can start the challenge. Success!

- You are NOT allowed to do any interactions on land that would require sounds irl. The sims has sound effects for every interaction, so just think about this: 'If I would do this, would it require me to make a sound?' If yes, you CANNOT do that interaction. If no, you're free to do that interaction. (So, you cannot ask people about their day (requires ASKING something, which equals making noise), but you can friendly introduce yourself (The animation is someone waving, which you could do IRL in silence) high five, shaka bra, etc.)
- No one is allowed to see your fish parts other than your lover (after you've married them)
- Under water, you are allowed to do whatever interaction you want with whoever you want.
- Your sim may have a career, and they are allowed to 'meet co-workers' (or anything similar), however, your sim may not 'Get to know' them
- Would your sim talk to anyone anyway (maybe due to free will), something strange will happen to the sim your sim talked to. My ideas were either that that person will get trapped into a room until they starve to death, or they will immediately get a full negative/hate bar with that sim, but if you have a better idea, then you are allowed to do so. This will also happen when your sim talks to their lover.
- If your sim shows her scaly legs on land anyway, then they must die immediately and it's GAME OVER
- Testingcheatsenabled true is the only cheat you're allowed to have on; in case your sim shows his/her scaly legs (then you can drag the hunger bar down to the point of starvation), or if they accidentally talk to a sim (to drag the 'friendliness' bar down completely).

Extra's (to make it extra hard)
- Next to marrying a human and getting a little mermaid with him/her, your sim also needs to get 5 human friends, and 3 mermaid friends
- If the first child of your sim and the human isn't a mermaid, you must kill of your wife/husband, find a new one and try again!
- Make your wife/husband the EXACT opposite of your sim
- When you have to make your sim a mermaid: have a time limit (2 sim days)
- Make a legacy challenge out of it: A generation full of mermaids, one after another falling in love with a human
- etc. (Be original ^^)

Good luck! <3