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28th Feb 2017, 10:07 PM
:!: :!: I have no idea if anyone has done this before, but I just thought of this and thought it'd be fun! :!: :!:

Backstory: Your Sim is low on money and decided to rent out property (or guest house) to earn a little bit of cash.
If you chose to buy a rental property:
So your Sim buys a broken down/shabby rental property (unlimited funds, but must look shabby/broken down)
If you build a backyard guest house:
Your Sim builds a SMALL nice looking guest house ($50,000)

CAS: Create a YA female or male with any traits you want. I would recommend Handy, Natural Cook, ect.
No kids and only one pet allowed if you want
If you want to have your rentals living in your household then create them however you want :!: (you will NOT be playing them though) :!:

You can live wherever you want, though I would build the house, it seems easier.
You can either build a guest house for the Sims you rent to OR have a guest house in your backyard

No cheats (only for setting funds)
No kids (during CAS)
Start off with $10,000 (and unlimited to build rental with, but make it look a little shabby/broken down)
If your Sim dies you can play with their spouse (if they are alive) or their "heir" (children) if you failed to have any children then the challenge ends
Rental Sims must pay $150 down payment
Any of the rental Sims pets is an extra $20 a month for cats or dogs and $10 a month for small pets (rodents, reptiles, ect)
$500 month is rent
If anything breaks down, your landlord/founder must fix it -$100 for payment and +$50
Your Sim cannot get a job unless you have a stay-at-home job (writer, painter, daycare center, ect)

This challenge doesn't "officially" end
If you Sim dies your children (or spouse) can become the landlord if you want

each renter - 5pts
each pet of renters - 10 pts
each husband and children of renters - 50 pts
1 gen of landlord - 5 pts
2 gen of landlord - 10
3 gen of landlord- 15 pts
(so on)