View Full Version : The Timeless Actress/Actor Challenge (Showtime and LN Expansions Required)

28th Feb 2017, 9:28 PM
Backstory: Your Sim is the latest and greatest actor/actress in their town. While they're known for their great looks and ability to captivate an audience, there's more to them than meets the eye. They're quite intelligent, with a passion for books, and always dreaming of love. A Natural on the stage or over the stove, they learned the recipe for immortality pretty quickly, there's just one problem, they can't fish or garden! Since their career is their main priority, they'll have to move in help. With their fame, that shouldn't be hard, right?...

Pre-Challenge: Load up whichever world you want and plop down a movie studio, after all, your star needs somewhere to work. Then, boot up CAS. In CAS, create an incredibly attractive Young Adult Sim with the following traits: Bookworm, Genius, Hopeless Romantic, Natural Cook, and Natural Born Performer. Place your Sim in a mansion using cheats, then make them a level 10 actor [(or singer)if you only have Showtime] [(Again, via cheats) You can use literally any cheats, except those for boosting relationships or skills. If you have Supernatural, elixirs are fine.] Don't forget to give them level 10 Cooking Skill (NRAAS or otherwise)

During Challenge: Become Best Friends with two Sims and move them in. Get one Sim to reach level 10 Gardening and the other to level 10 Fishing (No Mods Allowed)

Goals: Become Immortal through consuming Ambrosia(Use the Food Replicator glitch. It makes your job easier. If you don't know what the glitch is, it's where you start prepping Ambrosia, then cancel in the stirring portion. You can store it!)

Fail Conditions: You age up to adult (However, there's a one use Fountain of Youth Elixir, if you have Supernatural, that is...)

Rules: You cannot use a genie to control a Sim, learn their skills, traits, etc... You CAN, however, use the Observant LTR.
Oh, and I almost forgot :rolleyes: Have fun.

If you try it out, let's see what you do with the challenge!

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