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28th Feb 2017, 9:26 PM
So, here is the backstory for this. The town of Sunset Valley has managed to anger a powerful witch/goddess and she has enacted her revenge on the town. She has forced all sims- ranged from baby to teen to become young adult to adult sims. This has all happened before you have arrived. So, before we get started on the actual challenge, you must fix the NPCs in range with the curse ( you can use testingcheatsenabled true for this and work across the town) For the sake of the challenge, NPC appearance cannot be changed and traits for the now adults are randomized ( except their original traits). For the sake of the challenge, here's the breakdown to how the curse work. ( Reccomended but not necessary: Make baby, toddler and child aging short and teen at least a month. Similarily, make the young adult life and upward life span to be extremely long,

Baby/Toddler/ Child sims- Age them up into young adult sims.

Teenage sims- Age them up into adult sims.

Once this is all finished- you may move in your sims. They are a family of four, a mother and father along with two children, one a teenager and one a child. As soon as they enter the town and moved in, the curse settles in on them and the child sims becomes a young adult and the teenager becomes an adult sim. Now, comes the difficult part of the challenge. Playing with either your created family or any of the NPCs from the original town- you must have a baby or adopt and raise it into a young adult without any of the curse affecting it. However, the curse isn't a fair player. You are not allowed to do certain things or else your child is hyperaged. Here are the don'ts.

Babies- Free pass.

Toddler- Must complete three basics ( potty training, walking, talking)

Child sim- Can go to school. Must do all homework and have it done before school starts. In bed before 12 AM.

If you manage to make it this far, the curse isn't quite done with you. It amps itself up to full force, wanting you to fail.

Teen sims- Can't do fifty ( 100 for sim streamers) adult tasks. Adult tasks include making own food, getting a part-time job ( and going there for ten ( if your life span is longer, you may up this to higher days), becoming another sims boyfriend/girlfriend, cleaning any dirty object in the house that isn't a dish, fulfilling three life rewards challenges, becoming level five or higher in any skill, going to bed at any time later than 1am for over a week, missing three or more days of school (leisure days excluded), doing two or more of the tasks the school assigns you that belongs to an adult/adult job and finally missing more than three days worth of homework ( or becoming a grade lower than a C.)

If you manage to do this for a single sim- this doesn't break the curse. The curse can only be broken after you have completed this task with five generations in a row with none of them being forced aged. If you fail anywhere in between- the counter resets to zero and you must work up the generations until you have five straight generations who have overcome the curse.

Bonus challenge: Make it so that two babies have to be raised with this criteria each generation that is trying to break the curse.

Bonus bonus challenge: Make it so that all the curse breakers are the same gender throughout the five generations.

Super Bonus challenge: All the original affected sims are alive and at their original cursed age state.

(Also, despite the fact I mention a witch and leisure - no expansion packs are needed for this.)