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28th Feb 2017, 9:23 PM
(There might be challenges that have a similar goal to this one, so I'm sorry if it seems like this challenge seems too identical to a different challenge)
(This is my first sims challenge, so it might not be very proffesional but I hope it's still enjoyable as it took me 3h+ to write :) )

It has always been the host's dream to create their very own reality tv show, so when it has been announced that he was going to be this seasons host of ____, they were on cloud 9!
He/She was the one who would chose the worthy contestant to win the prize of 50,000 Simoleons!
The Set-up
* Create 6 contestants - they will be the main focus of the challenge. They can be any gender and supernatural spiecies. Make them as different as you want! :jest:
Give them all atleast one flaw ect.

* After you create your contestants, you need a host! She/He needs to look fancy, so don't spare them any luxuries!
If you have the showtime expansion, give your host the Diva trait, after all, they are the most important person in the competiton!

Optional sims
*A caretaker/butler. She/He will cook for everyone and clean. Give them the Friendly, Good, Natural cook and Neat traits.

Lot Set-Up
* Dorms for all your contestants to sleep in. You can give them all seperate rooms or put them all in one place. This area requires :
-A bed for each of the contestants to sleep in
-A bathroom are with a couple of toilet stalls, and a seperate shower zone for males and females.

* The common room is where your sims will interact with each other and where the eliminations will take place. This area requires :
- A couple of couches, a tv or other fun items and a seat for the host to sit in during elimination, that prefferably should be in front of the couches.

* A zone where the kitchen and dining room will be. This area requires :
- A kitchen with atleast a fridge, stove, sink and a couple of counters.
- A dining zone where everyone will eat. It should have a table with a chair for every contestant and one for the host in the middle of the table. it could also have a bar and a radio.

* An area just for the host. It should have:
- A master bedroom with and expensive bed and furniture.
- A big bathroom with both a shower and bath.
- An office with an expensive computer, an easel, telescope, chess table and an instrument of your choice.

* A small gym for your contestants to get fit in. It should have :
- All types of sports equipment you have
-A bathroom with showers and toilet stalls

* A room where the contests will be taking place. All you need is a big empty room where you can place and delete items based on the task.

*If you chose to have a butler, make a small room with a cheap bed and closet somewhere clsoe to the kitchens for her/him.

If you chose the more literal meaning of the word 'Elimination'
- you might want to have a small graveyard for the eliminated contestants.
- A room where the elimination will take place. It can be anything from a single hidden room in a basment to a mysterious pool with disappearing ladder! Let the dark side of your mind go wild! :rofl:

Basic Routine
Every day each of your contestants will complete the set challenge, and at the end you will add up each contestants points.

The Elimination will happen every 3 days. On this day, everyone will get together and the person who has the least points will be eliminated(What happens if two people have the same number of points will be explained in the rules).The way you eliminate people is up to you. Elimination can go from moving people out to burning them alive in a hidden basment while they wear a giant fridge bunny costume and they watch the child's channel on the biggest television in the game. It's up to you! :up: :rofl:

Rules and information :deal:
*Don't use any cheats that raise your needs and mood unless it says you can
*You can use as many money cheats as you want
*It is up to you what you want to do with the host during activites. You can make him socalize, work, relax or engage in tasks.
*If two contestants have the same amount of points during elimination, either randomize the one that needs to go or choose your favourite ;)

* Day 1:
It's everyone's first day here! Today is the time for everyone to socalize and form relationships.
Day 2 :
(Even if you chose to not have a cook you can do this challenge) This is when the game really begins! The host was nice enough to give the poor cook a break, so all the contestants will have to cook! Make everyone practice cooking by reading books or cooking until 6pm. After that, everyone has to cook the same dish. The contestants get points for:

3points if they make an exellent+ meal
2points if they make a great meal meal
1point if they make nice or very nice meal
0.5 points if they make a neutral meal
Day 3 :
All the contestants got full after the last challenge. To make sure everyone keeps in shape, today the contestants willl be doing some exercise!Let everyone exercise until 7pm. (If they get the moodlet stopping them from doing athletic things, you are allowed to use cheats to delete it) The contestants get:

3 points if they got 5+ in athletic by the end of the day
2 if they got level 4 in athletic by the end of the day
1 if you get level 3 in athletic by the end of the day
0.5 points if you get level 2 in athletic by the end of the day.

Day 4 :
Another day, Another challenge! Roll one of the stenarios at the bottom of the post.

Day 5 :
Today is elimination time! Get everyone together in the common room at 11am, and eliminate the person who has the least points so far.
Spend the rest of the day socalizing and developing skills!

Day 6:
Everyone will miss ____, but there is no time to mourn during a competiton! Roll an another random event from the list!

Day 7:
The host decided for the show to appeal to more audiences they need to show it is not all about looks! Everyone needs to play chess until 6pm. The contestants get:
3 points for level 5+ logic by the end of the day
2 point for level 4 logic by the end of the day
1 points for level 3 logic by the end of the day
0.5 points for level 2 logic by the end of the day

Day 8:
Alert! The host has noticed that the views have been slowly dropping! He/She has to do something before it's too late! There is one thing that everyone secretly enjoys watching. DRAMA! Today it is time to throw a party with all the contestants left!Hovewer, you can't control your sims. You need to make them all start talking, turn on high free will and let the game happen. You can only control them to get them back to talking or making sure they don't die (I also reccomend you lock the doors to other rooms so they won't get too distracted)

3 points for every best friend made
3 points for every romantic intrest+ made
2 points for every enemy made (via the declare nemesis interaction)
2 points for every good friend made
1 point for every fight won
1 point for every friend made

Day 9:
Another elimination! Everyone needs to meet up in the common room at 11am. Eliminate the person with the least points.After that, the rest are free to socalize and develop skills

Day 10:
Everyone is sad to see ___ go, but we can't stop here! It's time to roll a random event again.

Day 11:
The views are getting better, but The host wil not stop until the show becomes number one! She/He has noticed that music is very popular in the media so what's better than doing a music competiton! Split you contestants into groups and make everyone practice some kind of instrument (if you don't have showtime, just use guitars). At 7pm, each group will play together. Add up the points of the people in each group, and the group that ends up with more skill points is the winner, each of the people get 3 points, while everyone in the losing group gets 1 point.

Day 12:
Congrats! the show is now #2 most watched show on sims TV! But rather than celebrating, the contestants will be preparing to celebrate! It's time for everyone working on their mixology and Charisma until 6pm!
6 points for 10+ skill points earned by the end of the day
4 points for 8 skillpoints earned by the end of the day
2 points for 4 skil points earned by the end of the day
1 point for 2 skill points earned by the end of the day

Day 13:
Elimination time! Everyone met up in the common room, hoping they won't be the ones eliminated. Eliminate the person with the least points. For the rest of the day, let the remaining contestants rest, develop skills and socalize

Day 14:
No one seemed like they were going to miss ____. With only 3 of them left, they know this game has only just started. Roll an another random event today.
Day 15:
The last three through that to improve their chance of winning, they need to impress the host. Spend this day by socalizing with the host. Turn on high free will and see what happens.

3 points if you get to romantic intrest with the host
2 points if you get to good friends with the host
1 points if you get to friends with the host

Day 16:
With the last plan working out great, the contestants found out that today the host wants them to paint things to decorate the area. Make everyone paint until 7pm

3 points for every brilliant painting
2 points for every good painting
1 points for every normal painting

Day 17:
We're getting so close to the end! Everyone meets in the common room at 11am to see who is leaving. Eliminate the person who has the least points. For the rest of the day the last two can rest and develop skills.

Day 18:
The last two are relived to see ____, but now the rivaly is the strongest it has been so far. Roll a random event today.

Day 19:
The show has finally reached number one most watched show on sims TV! To celebrate the contestants decided to put their mixology skills to use!

3 points for every tray of exellent quality drinks made
2 points for every tray of great quality drinks made
1 points for every tray of good quality drinks made

Day 20:
The last day before elimination. Today the two sims and the host are just going to socalize and add up all the friends and skill points they earned through the 20 days they have been here.
1 point for every skill point you have
1 point for every friend you have
2 points for every good friend you have
2 points for every enemy you have
3 points for every romantic intrest and best friend you've made

Day 21 :
That's it! the contest has nearly come to an end, and the three meet up in the common room at 11am for the last time. Eliminate the person with the least points, and spend the rest of the day celebrating! Well done! You have won 50,000.

Random Events

Roll a real dice or go to https://www.random.org/ and pick min and max to be from 1 to 5 to get an event. If you've done the event, you can reroll :rofl:

Oh no! some other show acused your show of stealing copyrighted material! Everyone needs to practice their charisma to convince that the acusasion is false.

3 points if your charisma level is 8 or higher
2 points if your charisma level is 6 or higher
1 point if your charisma level is 4 or higher

2 of your contestants are in love with the same person, and they will do anything for them. Out of the contestants you have left, roll three times, the first number is the person who the other two numbers are fighting for. (If you have only 2 people left, make them fight over the host!)

2 points for the person who wins the fight
3 points for the person who succesfully gets to romantic intrest with the other person
1 point to the person who succefully flirts with the person.

If you want to survive in the celebrity world, you need to change up your looks from time to time! Change the contestants everyday wear or add a new one

A local art gallery has contacted the host. The gallery asks for the contestants paint something for the display, in return they will promote the show. The Host happily agrees.Make all of your contestants paint something.

3 points for every masterpiece painted
2 points for every brilliant painting painted
1 points for every good+ painting painted.

One of the contestants has been infected with a flu! Randomize a contestant that was affected. Any person who will get to close to them today, will be infected. While other contestants are free to socalize and develop skills, while the infected sims have to stay in bed. Try to keep all sims away from that one sim while they still attend to their needs!

1 point if you survived the day without being infected.

Thanks for reading, I hope you will enjoy my first challenge! :jest: :rofl: :)