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27th Feb 2017, 8:00 PM
- The "Savvy Seller's Collection" set

- The Savvier Seller Mod (http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=515159) that enhances the set's gameplay aspect.
- Incorporate a BACC (Build A City Challenge), to give yourself a fun or challenging gameplay experience (based of how you look at it ;) ).


All objects are locked, except for the fridge, across the whole neighborhood.
As they are "locked", you cannot buy them from the buy mode catalog, unless a certain condition met (I'll more later above...)
Regardless, they aren't locked in community lots though.
If you're incorperating BACC and playing from scratch, All the sims pretty much have to live a hobby lifestyle in the begining (with fridges and abandoned builders on their lot only).
Utilizing the SSC set, you purchase the objects only from the shops.
For the sake to prevent you from cheating in this challenge -- without you just ploting all objects at once in same one lot rather working with every1 -- the following item sold must be present per one lot: plumbing, furniture, lightning, electronics, deco/sourvenir store, pet store, and car dealership. (meaning you cannot have a plumbing establish along with electronic one in just one same lot).
You can buy objects from buy mode catalog, but only when required in a urgent situation.
- However, you still must buy the object that is of an exact brand that is sold at least in one shop in the neigbhorhood.
- You can also buy the objects If your sim themselves own that item-selling store/shop (I believe owners of lot can buy items from their own store? Correct me If I'm wrong)
Only one community lot ownership per lot.

:king: You win this challenge when you unlock all the objects. :king: