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27th Feb 2017, 7:55 PM
(if this is the wrong place for a post like this just let me know)
so I have a thing for playing as pirate families on the sims 3 so i came up with a challenge that can sort of go along with that, it's based on the original legacy challenge but I call it "somethin' fishy!"

the gist of the challenge is that your starter just one! male or female aspires to own a fish/pirate themed store, so its time to hit the seas! as for your home lot you’ll need to place a port if you don’t already have one in your town (if you don’t have island paradise this challenge won’t be quite as fun but you can still build yourself a pirate ship you’ll just have to place a plot of land out in the ocean somewhere build your ship and sink the rest of the lot underwater)

as far as any building restrictions i haven’t thought of any except for the starter house in the original legacy challenge where you buy your lot and then you only have 1300 simoleons to start your house so you can buy a lot and if you have more than that left use “familyfunds” to set your income to 1300 and build your boat! (or at least what you can of it) there are no other restrictions to how big your boat can be or how many floors it has etc etc but try to remember you will be raising a family (possibly a large family) in it so keep that in mind

next, whats a fisherman(woman) without a crew? so go around the town and find some interesting people to add to your crew! the only restrictions here is that they can’t be rich, and they have to be childless if they’re married you can add them AND their spouse but keep the married sims to a limit because otherwise your house is gonna get really cramped!

and then, your profession…well it’s FISHING of course! you can catch some fish and either sell them through your inventory OR if you use nraas produce stand you can set up shop on a community lot somewhere and try to sell your wares that way!

build your fishing skill, and your friendship with your crew and then eventually find yourself a mate! they can be any age, they can either be unemployed or they can have a job (although it’d be more fun to find someone unemployed because then they can be part of the family business) the only restriction is they cannot be rich or have kids of their own you can marry them privately or throw a wedding party whichever you prefer

this is where things get busy, not only are you going to focus on starting the next generation (who will continue the family business) but you’re also going to focus on creating your “brand” once you have enough money you can build yourself an actual shop to sell your fish and decorate it however you like (again you can continue to use the produce stand as your “register” to sell your fish if you’d like) then once you’ve had kids and have decided who your “heir” is going to be and once they reach the childhood stage it’s time to take em fishing! after all, if they’re going to continue the business they’ll need to learn

as far as rules go
obviously alot of the rules just follow the rules of the basic legacy challenge

the house you start with will be the house for all ten generations the only other lot you’re allowed to have is the lot you build your business on

you cannot add or remove anyone from your family (except for non-heir children who age into young adults, you can move them out) and obviously the only other exception is to add crew to your ship

when one crew memeber dies you can either leave the empty space or you can go find another crew memeber

your goal is to successfully raise 10 generations of skilled fishermen(women) that is, each heir for each generation's goal is to not only reach level 10 in fishing, but to keep the family business going try aiming to make 1000 simoleons for each lifestage of each heir (starting with the child life stage)

if there are any uncharted islands in the town you choose to play in, conquer them all! build your fish shop empire

points go as follows
5 points for every crew member you recruit
5 points for every heir that reaches level 10 fishing skill
2 points for every 1000 simoleons you make selling your fish and other wares you might have
1 point for every child you're couple has
15 points for all the uncharted islands you discover
and 10 points every time you open another shop

have fun! let me know what you guys think about this challenge, I have a few other challenge ideas that I will get around to posting sooner or later