View Full Version : The Severity of Life

30th Jan 2017, 7:26 PM
Vicki and Perry have just gotten married. Perry didn't tell Vicki that his family was half supernatural, and they had been cursed. He was bred as a human, but carried out the curse. The curse is, every three Sim days or whenever a new child is born, something good or bad happens.

When a child is born, go to this website, and write death, and then press enter and put life. https://www.random.org/lists/ It will generate whether or not the child lives, if not, enabled cheats and delete them.

Every three days, create a new list. Perry must be your main sim and he will suffer either the consequence or the punishment. It should look like the below.
Death to yourself
Death to a family member
50,000 simoleons or the motherlode cheat
A chance to save a child( If the child is born after this or before and is going to die)
The curse is lifted forever
The curse can never be lifted even if you randomize one day and it says it is lifted
Everybody dies
You must quit your job
You move into a new neighborhood
You must get divorced/ break up with your significant other or give up 5,000 simoleons if you have no romantic interest
Lose 10,000 simoleons

Use https://www.random.org/lists/.

If everybody has died because of the challenge you lose, if you survive after going down the line of all sims in the household except for the last one (preferably a teen, giving an exception, or a young adult child, you win and the curse will be lifted until and if you have been married and have any sort of child, unless the curse is lifted forever.

Use cheats to get rid of money, kill sims by hunger unless they are elderly, if they are elderly, you can kill them through old age with the trigger age transition. You can put on any lifespan, but using no lifespan and aging them up how you want is the best thing to do.