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30th Jan 2017, 7:24 PM
Sooo... I've been thinking about some ways of playing the game that would utilize basically EVERYTHING. After looking through various challenges and reading into the rules, I noticed that all of them are very restrictive and point-driven, but I liked the sound of a few of them, especially Legacy, Perfect Genetics and Well-Rounded Family Challenge, sooo... I decided to fuse them together, but kinda ditch the point systems xD. This 'challenge' is meant to be played with every expansion pack, but you can alter it slightly if you don't have the expansion needed for a function. So, here's the idea:

The Founder

The Founder may be either male or female Young Adult. He/She has to have an unusual hair and eye colour. You can pick all the traits, just remember that one of them at least MUST be negative. After moving the Founder in on at least 50x50 lot, family funds must be reduced to 3 500 simoleans. Then you wait. You wait for the University Mascot to arrive. Yes, the money you have is meant to send your Founder to University. You can choose what he/she should be studying after taking the test. You are allowed to romance whomever you please, but you must refrain from romantic interactions until your Founder is best friends with the person. During University your Founder must become a part of a social group and become lvl 10 in that group during his/her degree. After University, your Founder must get a job in the career he/she studied for and get married to a person of the opposite sex. Then, it's time to get the Heir...

The Heir

The Heir may be any gender, but, exactly like in Perfect Genetics, the Heir has to have the same hair and eye colour as the Founder. He/She has to be taught everything there is to learn in every stage, so walking, talking, potty training, xylophone... Every. Single. Thing. Including any premium content skills. As a child, the Heir must have straight A's in school and sign up for an afterschool activity. Also, he/she must learn everything there is to learn on the toy stove and block table. As a teen, Heir has to continue the straight A's and sign up for 2 afterschool activities. He/she also has to learn how to drive and attend prom. You can either pick or randomize traits, just remember: at least one trait MUST be negative! Upon becoming Young Adult, the Heir must go to University to earn a degree and become a member of social group - just like the Founder. :!: ATTENTION :!: The degree and social group may NOT be the same as the Founder or previous Heir had! You have to switch!

Now, for the additional stuff:
Founder and Heirs have to have a hobby. Hobby skills include: Fishing, Fitness, Mixology, Gardening, Writing, Photography, Inventing, Alchemy, Bot Building, Painting, Sculpting, Riding and playing a musical instrument - any of them. If the hobby skill is also a skill needed for a job, a different skill must be chosen. Hobby skills may not repeat! There must be a break of at least one generation between them - same with University degrees and social groups.

Only Founder and Heirs can travel to the future.

The family can have any pets they want, they can become a celebrity/supernatural, there's no restrictions on that.

The Founder and Heirs must fullfill their Lifetime Wish before death.

The Founder and Heirs must travel abroad for their honeymoon.

Heirs should - though they don't have to - choose a job that they studied for (you know, professions).

Founder and Heirs must have their photo/painting/sculpture either as YA or A.

If twins/triplets are born with potential for being an Heir, you must choose only one of them.


If the child doesn't have both hair and eye colour, they can't become an Heir. These children must still be brought up fairly well, but must only learn the very basics (walking, talking, potty training). They also have to have decent grades; no need for straight A's though. Non-Heirs don't have to go to University, can't travel abroad or to the future. You can marry them off and move out of the family home, or keep them there, your call.

That's mostly it for the rules and stuff. The game goes for minimum 10 generations, you can go longer though if you enjoy! You fail if you don't get an Heir in time or if you don't manage to fullfill the Lifetime Wish of Founder/Heir, or if Heirs don't get proper, full education.

:bunny: I seriously hope you enjoy this! :bunny: