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30th Jan 2017, 7:22 PM
Lets go back to the middle ages, where Kings and Queens ruled the realm. Your sim (Young Adult Male) has found himself king of a new land. He must build up his kingdom in order to inspire others to move to the realm. In order to do this, your king must complete a series of tasks to unlock new members of the noble, merchant, and peasant classes. Your king also must get married and produce a legitimate heir to throne in order for the challenge to continue. What kind of kingdom will you create? :king:

Starting Off
-You must set the lifespan of this game to Long and create a Young Adult Male and place him on the biggest lot in the world.
-Next place a City Hall, as your king will get a job in the political field.
-There are NO cheats in this challenge. Since your king is starting out with a limited amount of money, he must work hard to grow his empire as well as produce a legitimate heir.

-As stated previously there are NO cheats, except for Master Control Mod that will allow you to have more than 8 sims in a household (specifically the royal household).
-All Royal and Noble children must attend Boarding School
-Royals are only able to marry other Royals or Nobles; Nobles may marry Royals, Nobles, or Merchants; Merchants may marry Nobles, Merchants, or Peasants; and Peasants may only marry Merchants and Peasants.
-A child born out of wedlock is not a legitimate heir.
-If a female commits adultery and is found guilty, she will be persecuted.
-If a female has a child, player must role a dice to see if female survives childbirth. For Royals and Nobles, if the player roles a five, the mother must die. For Merchants, if the player roles a five or a three the mother must die. For the Peasants, if the player roles a five, three, or one, the mother must die.
-One Royal (King or Queen) must be in the political career. Nobles can be in the Political, Business, Horseman, Investigator, Law Enforcement, Military, and Medical careers. Merchants can be in the Alchemist, Artist, Criminal, Fortune Teller, and Sculptor Careers. Peasants may be in the Acrobat, Angler, Criminal, Gardener, and Magician careers. (Careers must be unlocked from completing tasks and unlocking family classes, except for merchant and peasant careers, as they are unlocked as long as there is a family to operate them).
-After the population starts to increase, player must play each household in equal intervals.
-Women take their husbands rank after marriage.
-Play for at least 10 generations in order to complete the challenge.

As stated prior, in order to unlock careers and families, the King must complete certain tasks.
-Reach Level 5 in Politics Career (This unlocks a Noble family, family must include at least one young adult female, who will be married to the king).
-Marriage (This unlocks the Military Career, and another Noble family).
-For every royal or noble child born a peasant family is unlocked.
-After King reaches Level 10 in Political Career, a Merchant family is unlocked as well as Medical Career.
-After King maxes out on his logic skill, investigator and law enforcement are unlocked.
-After King maxes out athletic skill, horseman career is unlocked.
-After king maxes out charisma skill, business career is unlocked.


+5 For every royal marriage
+5 For every legitimate royal male heir
+1 For every legitimate royal female heir
+1 For every skill mastered by a royal family member.
+20 if a citizen who has an ancestry of peasants, becomes a member of the royal family.

-5 For every untimely death (any death besides old age).
-1 No male heirs were born during that generation
-30 if the royal family is overthrown by someone in the criminal career.