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30th Jan 2017, 7:19 PM
(This is NOT a Yandere Simulator challenge,simply a regular Yandere challenge,you can make your sims look however you want,)

The objective of this challenge is obviously,to win your Senpais love.
You will be playing as a Yandere living in a small town,where your senpai is your only interest,but there are other girls and boys who want senpai all to themselves.Your goal is to eliminate people who will cause a threat to your relationship,and win over senpai.

-To make things a little harder,you have 25 days (in sims time) to eliminate all rivals.
-You must become friends with all the of the rivals,to not create suspition when you kill.
-You can speak to senpai for 5 minutes,after you've eliminated a rival.
-There must be 12 rivals,6 boys,and 6 girls,not including Yandere and Senpai.You must eliminate all rivals.
-You can't kill more than one rival in one day.
-You can't form a relationship with a sim that is not senpai.
-If you have eliminated all rivals,you can speak to senpai freely whenever you want,and as long as you want.
-Your yandere sim must live by thereself,unless you've eliminated all rivals.
-Your sims must all be young adults.
-If senpai finds out your a killer,ABORT.You must dispose of him then,so you can stay clean.
How do you win and lose?
To win,all rivals must be eliminated in those 25 days,and you must be in a form of a romantic relationship wiith senpai,just dating or married.
You lose if you either:
-Don't kill all the rivals in the 25 days.
-Don't fall in love with senpai.
-You start a relationship with another sim.
-Senpai discovers you've killed.

What happens after you win?
Well you can start a life with your Senpai!Start living together,get married have children.You can continue to play the sims how you normally would,and the rules wouldn't apply anymore.

What happens after you lose?
Your senpai is gone now,you can't win him over,you let him go and fall into insanity.Again,you can now play the game normally,but now you cannot try to kill,try to speak to senpai now.

You can make your sims look however you want,it doesn't matter.There personality should be carefully chosen,Yandere should probably be evil,but flirty as well,hot-headed,and a genius.A loner,but a hopeless romantic,and insane.Of course you can do whatever you want,those are just some ideas.You can name your sims whatever,dress them however,and design there house however you want.