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12th Dec 2016, 7:26 PM
**I'm not sure if this has been created, I've never seen it but if you have - I apologize, I don't mean to steal**

So for this legacy challenge, you are going to have 10 different legacies and they will represent a different age. So the ages are:
1st Generation: Medieval Times (It will probably work best if you have Dragon Valley, but it's not required)
2nd Generation: The late 1800s
3rd Generation: The early 1900s
4th Generation: The Roaring 20s (Best if you move your family to Roaring Heights, but not required)
5th Generation: The Great Depression (Best to move to a little home or a small farm for this generation)
6th Generation: The 50's (Roaring Heights may be good for this setting again)
7th Generation: The 70's
8th Generation: The 80's
9th Generation: The 90's
10th Generation: Current Day

CAS: For when you are building your family, you can have as many in each as you'd like - just make sure every family has an heir. It is okay if the heir is a girl and last name changes, you don't have to have the same last name all through the challenge.

Build/Buy Mode: This one is pretty simple. There is no limit to how much money your family can have, have as much or as little as you'd like. (Except during the 5th Generation (The Great Depression), your family needs to having enough money to JUST be scraping by). For when you are building your homes, you cannot have any furniture that is out of the times. No cars in medieval times, no computers during the 50's, no TVs in the early 1900s, ect. You can Google what kind of clothes and furniture were around during each time.

-You must have a picture of all the past generations in your home. For example, photobooth pictures of the parents from the first generation in the second generations home, ect.
-You must have BARELY enough money to survive during the 5th generation since they are The Great Depression, but your family be thrive financially (if you choose) in other generations.
-The woman of the home is not allowed to have a job until you reach the 7th generation since it was not common for the women to work. The only job she may have is a daycare worker.
-No furniture or clothing outside of the generation. You are welcome to edit the town to look like this, but moving into a town with the same feel as your generation is most recommended.
-If the woman of the home is caught cheating during the first 3 generations, she must be killed due to the fact that in those times most women were stoned to death for adultry. The man of the home may remarry and continue the generation.
-If your family does have a step mother/father and their significant other dies, they are not allowed to remarry since they are not direct bloodline to the family.

How to win: You must keep a bloodline to the family alive in every single generation. Once everyone who is in direct relation to someone of the past generation dies, you lose.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the challenge!

29th Dec 2016, 7:35 PM
Currently trying this challenge. Will post pics soon!
While there are similar challenges, this one is much more simpler!
:up: :up: :up:

29th Dec 2016, 9:17 PM
Alright, the first picture shows the house I took out everything that was electronic and replaced regular lights with candles Gotta match the generation!

2nd picture shows the "lord"(?) of the house, Adam Smith. Black hair and these BEAUTIFUL blue eyes :lovestruc
His traits are: Brave, Workaholic, Technophobe, Good, and Ambitious.
He currently works as a Fortune Teller.
LTW = Celebrity Physic

3rd and 4th picture show the lady of the house, Margery Smith. She has blonde hair and green eyes.
Her traits are: Technophobe, Natural Cook, Neat, Never Nude, and Supernatural Skeptic. Ironically, they live in Moonlight Falls.
LTW = Learn every recipie

And last but not least, the final picture shows the newest addition to the family, Charles Smith! :anime: