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3rd Dec 2016, 7:28 PM
[#Insert founder's name] moved into a new, yet still unpopulated, town. While (s)he has tons of money to afford a full fledged house and objects, the country from reason refuses to give any of the request building and furnishing service. Will the foreigner manage to survive through a following week where he will be able.

1.Start the game with a "founder" that you create in CAS. You can customize him/her however you want.
2.Give your founder a new empty world or demolish all lots from pre-existing world.
3.Provide that sim with an empty lot and you aren't allowed to buy or build anything until you unlock the respective stuff through certain tasks.
4.Use a dice and apply to your founder a non-active job based of die's outcome (place down a rabbit hole)
5.With every 20 friends the founder or heir makes, create 1 "outsider" and provide that sim a house and a job.
6. Continue the legacy through all the generations.

:D You win the challenge once you manage to unlock all the objects and have your last heir young/adult/elder complete his/her Lifetime Wish :D
:cry: You lose the challenge when your founder dies and there's no available heir to continue the legacy :cry:

What is an outsider? An outsider is pretty much like a source for a new community lot to be created and exist. As I have already covered up, you can only create one once the founder or heir becomes friends with 20 sims. When that sim dies, the lot disappears with him/her, as if that being was the embodiment of that commercial area. The Things in those lots that had kept features unlocked will lock them again (unless there is another lot that provides the duplicated stuff), but that won't force the respective objects/things to disappear If they already are currently there; before and after the tragedy of the outsider. Outsider isn't restricted by these challenge in anyway, except for "give a gif" interaction and alikes that provides your sims' of the challenge locked objects.

The First time your sims goes to work in return unlocks to him/her the cheapest fridge you have in the game (minus mini-fridge).

How do unlock something, regarding through community lot establisment?
Each lot must have one, two or three (but no more than,) type of shops, stores, following by what objects it must be set up and what it leads to unlocking. Here's a list answering the question in-details:

Electronics; set up by and unlocks fridges, tvs, video game consoles, microwaves, washer, dryer, dancesphere ect.
Lightning; set up by and unlocks everything from lightning category
Car Dealership: set up by and unlocks cars, ect.
Furniture: beds, cribs, sofas, armchairs, ect.
Sport Goods: weight machine, treadmills,


-Unlocking Build Mode-
Build mode is unlocked once somebody from the outsiders reaches the top career track of Business. (If you have a Ambitiouns installed, I would recommend replacing it with the The Architectural Designer. If there happens to be no more outsiders that have this career rank, you can still use build mode tools and objects if the house is already build before 'till after, but when any heir moves into a new residential lot (they can only move into empty one's if there is no architectural designers) you cannot build a house from scratch until someone again reaches the top architectual designer career level.

-Unlocking Services-
[i]By default, all the services are locked except for adoption, maid and baby sitter. Here's a list on how the following services can be unlocked:

Pizza Delivery - establishing a "restaurant" community lot, via by adding a fridge, stove, counter and bunch of table or island counters. and chairs. If you wish, you can even utilize the It's Business Time Industrial Oven store set to make it a functional restaurant literally.
Repairmen - when somebody from outsiders masters the handiness skill.
Maid - when somebody from outsiders masters the cleaning skill.
Butler - when somebody from the outsiders masters the cooking and handiness skill.
Acrobat - when somebody from the outsiders works as an acrobat.
Singer - when somebody from the outsiders works as an singer.
Magician - when somebody from the outsiders works as an magician.
FireFighter - when somebody from the outsiders works in firefighter profession. If you don't have Ambitions installed, instead this service is unlocked by default
Police - when somebody from the outsider works in law enforcement career.

:deal: Basic Rules:
*You must always choose the career for your founder/heir by random odds (via dice), but you can apply any career you want for the outsiders.
*To buy or build something, that specific thing must be unlocked first.
*You unlock only the objects that are exactly the same, that are provided in shop.
**E.g, If you have a community that provides only the "Channel Trowler 27 Deluxe TV" and "WallVuu Standard TV", you only gonna unlock the exact type of tvs: the "Channel Trowler 27 Deluxe TV" and "WallVuu Standard TV".

:anime: :anime: :anime: Good luck and have fun playing! :anime: :anime: :anime: