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The SimmingLover
13th Nov 2016, 8:07 PM
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Hi guys! :rofl: This is my first challenge. Hope you enjoy! And please, no hate! No one likes haters. There are no EP (Expansion Packs) needed for this but they are optional. Moving on!

You are a teenage sim with a wealthy family and two siblings. A younger brother and sister who are twins. Your parents are always either out of the house or in the house casino. Which leaves you to look after your toddler siblings. Sadly, one night after getting drunk, your parents have a car crash and die. Soon after you find out, there is a knock at the door. You open it but no-one is there. You look around and then find a baby boy. You have no choice but to take it in for yourself. You call your best friend asking for advice. S/he says that s/he can help but you will have to get someone else after a week because s/he is going to boarding school. You then know what you have to do. You have to get a boyfriend, and take after your siblings at all costs.

Rules: Yes I know no one likes rules but we need them!
-NO MONEY CHEATS except for building and furnishing your house and setting your money to $1000 then THATS IT!
-No cheats
-!!!You must have a big house!!! Because you come from a wealthy family :king:
-!!!House must have a casino (just put stuff in there that looks like casino games) FOR THE SAKE OF THE STORY!!
-Only teenagers,YA,Adults and elders can go in the casino! If children and younger do,they will be sent to their room without dinner!
- The family must have three meals a day and if they are specially good they get desert after dinner
-!!!You must get a boyfriend in one week or at least have your first kiss with them!!! :lovestruc
-Once the parents die set your money to $1000
-After a week you must move the friend out!

CAS (create a sim) rules:
-you must have a teen, any gender any look, but you must have the loves children (I think that's it) trait but the rest are up to you.
-you must have two toddlers one boy and one girl. The girl must have the creative trait and the boy must have either the genius or computer whiz trait the rest are up to you
-you must have one baby boy. No traits are cumpulsory.
- you must have two YA. Doesn't matter what the name is or the looks or the traits are but they must be one boy and one girl. As soon as you start the challenge you need to kill them.
-you must have your friend. Any looks any name but you must have the good trait. The rest is up to you.

You must grow all the kids into YA then move them out successfully and get married to your boyfriend.
Optional: have at least 4 kids and grow them up into YA (if the parents die then one of the siblings must take care of them so maybe keep one home unless you can move them in again) successfully.

Boss win: if you complete the goal and the optional goal.
Win: if you complete the goal.
Lose: if one of your siblings grow up badly or die before moving out. Also if you or your boyfriend die other than old age.

Thanks for reading and I hope you do this challenge! If you have any questions feel free to ask! And also if I missed something or you have a suggestion please tell me! :up: :rofl: