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13th Nov 2016, 8:03 PM
Prison Life Challenge for the Sims 3
Created & Written by Syrah (aka. PrincessZeda)

In this challenge, you will be helping prison inmates gain their freedom through proper skill building. With each new prisoner comes a different personality. Will you be able to keep up with rehabilitating these prisoners?

▶ It is strongly recommended that you have NRaasí MasterController, MasterControllerCheats, and PortraitPanel, mods installed. You will be editing your household funds, as well as possibly adding a large number of prisoners to the household.
▶ Any combination of EPs can be recommended here. It is up to you how many different skills your prisoners have the option to learn.
▶ A random number generator is optional. Depending on your playstyle, you may need this to make decisions.

▶ You will start out with 1 Warden to manage prison affairs. Any look, gender, and traits. Must be at least young adult.

▶ Prisoner Board: A small place for a single prisoner to sleep. Must have 1 single bed, 1 toilet, 1 sink.
▶ Mess Hall: A large room for your prisoners to eat. Kitchen may be attached separately or in the same room.
▶ Public Showers: A large bathroom with row(s) of showers for your prisoners to bathe.
▶ Rec Room(s): Rooms furnished with skill building objects needed for your Prisoners.
▶ Wardenís Quarters: A living space separate from the prison for your Warden to live off-duty. Must be furnished with everything needed for them to survive comfortably.

This method is a bit different, and not for you if you want more than 8 Sims in the prison at a time. Feel free to add more at your own risk. I personally feel comfortable playing with 7 prisoners at a time so it isnít overwhelming.
▶ Have the Warden call to adopt a child.
▶ When the social worker arrives, choose a child with any gender you wish. Use testingcheats to teleport the child into the prison (or unlock the door).
▶ Click on the child and select NRaas > MasterController. Then go to Advanced > Edit in CAS.
▶ Here, you will age up the child to either YA, Adult, or Elder. After doing so, you will go and randomize all of their traits. Feel free to edit their clothes into prison attire if desired.
▶ You can now exit CAS and choose a skill for the prisoner to learn!

There are two flavors to choosing a skill for a prisoner:
▶ Base the skill off of the Simís randomized traits. Choose something related to a trait that can boost skill growth.
▶ Completely random. Use RNG with the rolls below to pick a skill for the Sim to learn.
(1-19) SKILL ROLL:
1: Alchemy
2: Athletics
3: Bass
4: Drums
5: Piano
6: Bot Building
7: Charisma
8: Cooking
9: Fishing (must have fishing pond in prison yard)
10: Gardening
11: Guitar
12: Handiness
13: Inventing
14: Laser Rhythm-a-Con
15: Logic
16: Painting
17: Science
18: Sculpting
19: Writing

▶ This challenge cannot be played correctly unless all of a prisonerís traits are completely random.
▶ Aging may be set on or off depending on your playstyle.
▶ Prisoners can never leave the compound. Be sure to lock all prison entrances so only the Warden may go through. It is optional to lock all cells that a prisoner is not assigned to for a personal cell.
▶ Some skills may only be learnt through reading the proper skill books, or by other means not found in a prison. These skills are usually omitted from the available list, but feel free to use them if you want.
▶ In order for your prisoners to gain their freedom, they will have to max out 1 skill to level 10. After this, you must remove them from the household/lot and add your cash grant.
▶ Every day, you will only be able to control 1 prisoner at a time. During this time, you will train the Sim in their chosen skill. You cannot control the same prisoner 2 days in a row (unless you only have 1 prisoner). You are finished controlling a Sim for the day when you put them to sleep in their cell.
▶ If two prisoners get into a fight or woohoo, they cannot gain skills for two days.
▶ If a prisoner gets into a skill that is profitable (ie., Painting, Sculpting) you are allowed to sell the finished products for prison funds.
▶ The Warden may leave the lot for quick trips only (ie., Buy seeds, books for prisoners). Every prisoner must be locked in their cells during this time.
▶ Adding a new Prisoner costs $500.
▶ When a Prisoner is released for maxing a skill, your prison gets a cash grant of $1,000.

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