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10th Oct 2016, 7:38 PM
hello simmers! i thought this one up if someone has all ready done it i am very sorry!

You love cats! now that your on your own you can finally have some since as a kid you grew up in a big family and there where to many people to have any pets! so you want to keep lots and lots of cats!

Creating your sim
you can give your sim whatever traits but one of them MUST be cat lover. also i would suggest getting your sim the Cat herder LTW but you don't have too!
Creating your cat(s)
roll to see how many cats you'll start of with i would suggest using this website-https://www.random.org/
it has to be between 2-3 xD!! now choosing the cats trait just follow the chart below!

Cat Traits
1. Frazy Kitty
this cat will have the friendly and Lazy traits (you can choose the last one) this cat loves to hang out with others and is super friendly however they hate doing work or hunting they prefer an easy going life!

2. Angry Kitty!!!
this cat must have the aggressive and destructive trait as well as the proud trait. this cat doesn't like other cats to much it gets into a lot of fights and any furniture will be destroyed within seconds!

3.Wild Kitty
this cat lives for the outdoors it must have the hunter trait and independent trait. this cat was born wild and it may live with you but it loves to hunt for itself!

4.Smartish Kitty
this cat must have the genius trait and the skittish trait also the quiet trait must be added. this cat is very smart but is frightened easily, normally they don't say much but when they do it's worth listening too!

5. Crazy kitty!!!
must have noisy, hyper and playful traits! this cat is all over the place at one point he's behind you then he's on the couch! also this cat is VERY vocal so tend to him quickly!

6. emo Kitty!!!
this cat must have the shy, neat, and quiet traits! this cat doesn't like to talk to much also they are super shy around others and it may take them a while to be friends with other cats! however they are very neat soo NOT MUCH CLEANING!!!!

7.Indiana Jones Kitty!!!!
this cat must have the adventuress and non-destructive. this cat loves to explore everywhere! he is like a mini Indiana Jones! also he try's to not destroy things! bonus :)

8.Food Kitty!!
this cat must have the piggy trait and the clueless trait. this cat loves food, but can also go overweight! his appetite is only curbed by the fact that sometimes he forgets what he was gonna do!

9. Play Kitty!
this cat must have the playful, and friendly trait! they just love to play and have fun plus they get along with everyone!

10.Random Kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for this cat you must roll traits and whatever you get is what you must work with!!! RANDOMNESS!!!

so now that you know the different cats go back to that number generator and put in the numbers 1-10 and whatever you get is the traits that cat must have!
however each cat also has a challenge that MUST be completed if you are to win the challenge!

cat challenges/restraints
Frazy kitty- This cat must have 15 friends that are cats however it can only make 1 friend every 2 days because it is also very lazy!!!
Angry Kitty- This cat must have 10 enemies (must be cats) or at least be in the middle of the red with 10 cats! and also this cat must destroy 5 DIFFERENT types of furniture's beyond repair.( if you want after he makes his 10 enemies you can make them all friends again and they don't necessarily have to be in your household)
Wild Kitty-this cat must have caught 100 pieces of prey! also this cat cannot enter your house unless it's had fleas and needs a flea bath, otherwise you must care for it outside. you may pet it and hug it etc. but it cannot go inside. everytime this cat goes indoors you must add another 10 prey that it needs to catch (except for flea baths)
Smartish Kitty-This cat must learn 1 skill and perfect 3 other skills whether they are good or bad depends on you. however they can only do these tasks when no one else is watching because if they make a noise the cat will stop and lose the mood to learn...
Crazy Kitty-This cat must have played with 5 cats and 5 sims! also this cat must have played on 5 different things (counter, bed ect.)
Emo Kitty-This cat needs to meet no other cats except those who are in its household.if it meets cats outside it's household it can not eat for 6 sim hours because of stress... also this cat can only go out during night time. it has finished its challenge when it has gone 30 sim days doing the above.
Indiana Jones Kitty-this cat must explore under or on top of or do anything else that gives it the adventures positive adding thingy 50 times (On different things doing the same thing over and over does not count) and must go outside everyday to explore! (he must stay for about 1-3 hours outside)
Food Kitty-This cat has to receive the special cat food bowl from the life time rewards area!! also this cat has to eat at least twice as much as the other cats!
Play kitty- this cat has to have played with 10 different animals or people 10 times for each one as well! also this cat MUST be played with 5 times a day or it will feel unloved :cry:
Random Kitty- This kitty is fun because whatever you get is what it becomes!!! if it has any combo like the other 9 cats it becomes that cat! if it doesn't... YOU GET TO DECIDE WHAT THE CHALLENGE IS!!!!!

the challenge is complete when you have done all 10 kitties!! you have to roll for every new cat to see what cat it will be! and if you get the same one twice i dont care you do it twice! BTW i did test it and at one point i had like 4 Angry kitty's!! it was hilarious :rofl:

1. You may not use money cheats or any cheats!!! except if one of your cats doesn't have the right traits for the cat you rolled. then you may use cheats to change it!
2. you may only have more cats by breeding the cats you already have!!! so lets say Snowtuft(Female) and Stripefoot (Male) are my only 2 cats left. i may not adopt a new one or make a new one i MUST breed them.
3. you may only change your cats TRAITS if they turned out wrong by accident nothing else and no other way!!!

so i do hope you enjoyed this challenge i will be updating it constantly and might add more cats! and yes snowtuft and stripefoot is a warrior reference!!! in case you where wondering... so if you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments! also suggestions are appreciated just be nice about it, i worked hard on this challenge!

11th Oct 2016, 7:10 AM
enjoy people!!

13th Nov 2016, 9:43 PM
has anyone tried it yet? if you did how did it go?

19th Nov 2016, 1:33 AM
I'm trying it right now.. I got the Indiana Jones Kitty (Heck yes!) and the angry kitty.. I can't wait until I get the Food Kitty because I'm PROBLEY gonna name it Cookie :3

19th Nov 2016, 4:56 AM
I'm trying it right now.. I got the Indiana Jones Kitty (Heck yes!) and the angry kitty.. I can't wait until I get the Food Kitty because I'm PROBLEY gonna name it Cookie :3
haha good luck!! whatever you do if you get a friendly kitty and an angry kitty run.. and yay I can see a cookie!

19th Nov 2016, 8:37 PM
Hah! I see what you mean.. - COUGH - Help - COUGH - Also, was it aginst the rules to breed with a rouge kitty (I got my friendly cat from it xD

19th Nov 2016, 10:43 PM
Hah! I see what you mean.. - COUGH - Help - COUGH - Also, was it aginst the rules to breed with a rouge kitty (I got my friendly cat from it xD
no that's fine :) just so long as you don't add that cat to the family its okay

21st Aug 2017, 7:54 AM
Wow okay just updated the thread sorry for not doing so sooner!

20th Apr 2018, 11:51 PM
Okay bringing this back! updating and what not