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6th Oct 2016, 8:11 PM
The Sims 3 Expansion Challenge is a legacy-based challenge that consists in a set of self-imposed rules while playing The Sims 3. In this challenge, your objective is explore every expansion pack resources with a single family during the course of 12 generations (or less, with you donít have all the expansion packs). Each generation have a set of objectives to be fulfilled based on each The Sims 3 expansion pack. Please, read the post bellow and letís have fun!


You may choose any world to play your game. The challenge begins with a couple! Create your Sims in CAS. You may customize they both however you want. The only rule is that your Sims must be Young Adults, Adults and/or Elders in order to generate/adopt children. Their relationship status is up to you, as long as they are not blood-related. They must be the only Sims in the household. Here, those two will be referred as your Originals.

Move the household into a residential lot of any size and type. It can be a normal lot, a port or an apartment lot. You may choose a premade house or build your own. Once the game begins, your challenge starts!


As said, in this challenge, each generation have a set of rules and objectives to follow. Your Originals are Generation #1, their children are Generation #2, their grandchildren are Generation #3, and so on. Your Sims can have/adopt as many kids as you want, but only one of them will be the generation Legacy. The title of Legacy is hereditary: it will be earned by one of your Originals child, and later will be inherited by one of the Sims from the next generation.

The Legacy title Heir is the first child of your Originals/current Legacy born/adopted in the active family. Once a Sims is the Heir, you may choose his/her traits as you want, but you must randomize the traits of any of his/her young brothers and/or sisters (if any).

Itís a good ideia for your Sims having more than one child, because if the Heir dies before reaching young-adulthood, the second born becomes the new Heir, and so on. However, each generation will have a special Generation Trait: and if any of the Heirís young brothers/sisters get this trait, they will steal the title and become the new Heir. Keep in mind that once a Sims becomes the new Heir, you may start to choose his/her traits. Also, you must start to randomize the previous Heir traits.

Once the current Heir reaches young-adulthood, he/she inheirts the title and becomes the new Legacy. After the title is formally inherited, it is locked and canít change anymore (even if a young brother/sister gets the Generation Trait).

Remember that the Legacy and the Heir must be in the active household while they hold their titles. If a Heir move out from the current Legacy household, they will lose their claim - and even if they move back in, they wonít be able to inherit the Legacy title. Once the Heir inherits inherits the title and become the Legacy, the previous one may move out the household.


1. The challenge ends when the Legacy of the 12th generation dies. If any previous Legacy dies and left no Heir, you lose the challenge.

2. No cheating. The only cheats you may use are for advanced building and reseting buged sims/objects.

3. You may CC and Mods, but please, use them wisely. There is no point in playing the challege with you are using mods to have advantages that other people without it wonít have.

4. The lifespan must be set to normal and aging/story progression must be on. You may select any other population/wheater configuration, unless the generation rules says otherwise.

5. The challenge family must always be the active household.

6. Your household may move inside/outside town at any moment.

7. You may not merge your household with any other or any other household with yours. Other Sims may move/marry in or out your household, but this must be done in-game.


In this challenge, each generation has a set of Objectives that will give you points, but only some of your Sims will be able to earn it. The Sims is able to earn poins if:

1. He/she lives in the Active Household and never lefted the household since he/she was born/joined the family: if a Sims move/marry out the active household, he/she wonít be able to earn points anymore, even if they marry/move back in.

2. He/she is a Original, a Legacy, a Heir or directly blood-related with one of this three: the sibilings of the Legacy/Heir may earn points, but the sibilingsí spouses and offspring may not. The Legacy spouse will be considered a Partner once he/she becomes the father/mother of the Heir. By this point, the Partner will be considered directly blood-related with the Legacy.

3. The Objective that he/she fulfills concerns his/her generation: parents may not earn points by fulfilling their childrenís Generation Objectives, neither the other way around.

Remeber that if the Heir title changes during the game, the Partner trait may change too. If a Sim loses his/her Partner title, he/she may not earn points anymore.

Ghosts, clones or ressurected Sims may not earn points unless the Generation Rules says otherwise. However, Plumbots, SimBots and Imaginary Friends may earn points if: (a) they were created/imagined by the current Legacy; (b) they are real (Imaginary Friends only). They will be considered part of his/her creator generation!


Your Sims earn points by fulfilling objectives in each generation. The rules about which Sims can earn points are in the link above.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that any Sim from any generation can do any of the activities listed below, but those will only count as points if done by a Sim who is part of the generation in which the activitie is an Objective.

If you donít own one or more expansion pack, just jump to the next generation and keep gaming.

Once the Objective is fulfilled, it wonít give any extra points if done again.


GENERATION #1: Into the Future

This beautiful couple just moved in town and dream about build a family. Actually, they are obsessed about having a long and happy family tree. They are even going into the future to assure their descendants are sucessful.

Generation Trait: None

Generation Creature: Plumbot


- Master Advanced Technology skill

- Master Bot Building skill

- Build a Plumbot

- Engerneer a baby

- Create a Distopian or Utopian future

- Befriend at least one of your Descendants


- Master Laser Rhythm-a-con skill

- Become level 10 Astronomer or Bot Arena

- Gain a Legacy Statue

- Buy a house in the future

GENERATION #2: Island Paradise

After years of future madness, your Sim just want to find a good home next to the sea and live by the beach.

Generation Trait: Loves To Swin

Generation Creature: Mermaid


- Master Diving skill

- Master Snokeling skill

- Buy a Resort

- Have a 5-stars Resort


- Become level 10 Lifeguard

- Live in a houseboat

- Woohoo at underwater cave

- Die by shark attack

GENERATION #3: University Life

Your Sim parents want he/she to run the family business, but you Sim dreams of a path of his/her own - and will need to study a lot in order to follow it.

Generation Trait: Irresistible

Generation Creature: Plantsim


- Graduate at Sims University

- Become level 10 Socialite, Rebel or Nerd

- Master Social Networking, Science or Street Art skill

- Throw a bonfire party during university


- Woohoo with the Mascot

- Live in a Fraternity/Sorority during university

- Become level 5 Sports Agent, Art Appraiser or Videogame developer

GENERATION #4: Seasons

Your Sim parentsí studies gave he/she a good life, and your Sim wants to enjoy every moment - or ever season? - of it.

Generation Trait: Loves The Cold

Generation Creature: Alien

Special rules: During this generation, all weathers and seasons must be active. All the seasons must lenght for the same number of days.


- Visit all Seasonal Festivals

- Throw a Pool Party on Leisure Day

- Engage or marry on Love Day

- Trick or Treat on Spooky Day

- Master Snowboarding skill

- Kiss a Sim from Online Dating


- Have and alien baby

- Serve Pumpkin pie in a Feast

- Marry a Sim from Online Dating

- Be struck by lightning

GENERATION #5: Supernatural

Your Sim parents always loved nature, but what your Sim really likes is the supernatural.

Generation Trait: Supernatural Fan

Generation Creature: Vampire, Werewolf, Witch, Fairy and Zombie

Special Rules: During this generation, the game configuration must allow Vampire, Werewolf, Witch and Fairy topopulate the world. All the moon phases must be on. You may change your Sims lifespan to short, but keep in mind that human Sims may not have time to fulfill the generations objectives.


- Have a occult baby

- Master Alchemy skill

- Become a Zombie for at least 2 days

- Impregnate (a Sim) after drinking Procriation Elixir

- Discover 15 elixirs


- Become Vampire, Werewolf, Witch or Fairy

- Have a Vampire, Werewolf, Witch and Fairy in the active household at the same time

- Discover all elixirs

- Become a level 10 Fortune Teller

GENERATION #6: Showtime

While your Sim parents were in the shadows, he/she wanted to shine!

Generation Trait: Diva

Generation Creature: Genie


- Become a level 10 Acrobat, Magician or Singer

- Perform at a SimFest

- Perform at a Big Show Venue

- Hire a Sim-a-gram

- Be a DJ during a party

- Sing in a duet with your mate on a karaoke machine


- Send your Sim on a tour through Simport

- Perform 50 times

- Kill a Sim inside a Box of Mystery


Your Sim parents dreamed about fame and sucess, but your Sim only want a peaceful life together with Mother Nature and her animals.

Generation Trait: Animal Lover

Generation Creature: Unicorn (a Sim who tame an Unicorn already fulfills the Creature requirement and can earn double points. Also, Unicorns count as horses in the Objectives)

Special Rules: The game configurations must allow horses, cats and dogs in town


- Have a horse

- Have a cat or dog

- Master Riding skill

- Have a horse to master Jumping or Racing skill

- Adopt a stray cat/dog or a wild horse

- Have 5 small pets


- Have 5 pets at the same time

- Have 15 small pets

- Have a puppy, a kitten or a foal born in the active household

- Have a horse, cat and dog bestfriends

GENERATION #8: Generations

During your Sim childhood, his/her parents paid more attention to their animals than their kids. So, your Sim promised he/she would unconditionally love and care about his/her offspring.

Generation Trait: Nurturing

Generation Creature: Imaginary Friend


- Become Level 5 Daycare

- Have 5 kids

- Fulfill 3 Lifetime Crisis (Adult) or Mood Swings (Teen) wishes

- Throw a Barchelor Party

- Pull off 10 sucessful pranks (without being caught)


- Be your kids bestfriend before the reach Young-adulthood

- Have twins or triplets

- No kid taken away by the Social Worker

- Make a Imaginary Friend real

- Discover all potions

GENERATION #9: Late Night

While your Sim parents had a family-oriented life, your Sims dreams about a sucessful and buzzed life.

Generation Trait: Star Quality

Generation Creature: Vampire


- Become level 10 Film Actor/Director or Band member (self-employed)

- Master Piano, Bass or Drums skill

- Become a level 5 Celebrity

- Visit 10 hot spots

- Enter in an exclusive lounge


- Live in an apartment

- Hire a butler

- Master Mixology skill

- Become a Vampire

GENERATION #10: Ambitions

Your Sim doesnít want to live in his/her parents house forever. Itís time to build his/her own life.

Generation Trait: Eccentric

Generation Creature: SimBot


- Become a level 10 Achitectural Designer, Firefighter, Ghost Hunter, Investigator or Stylist

- Master Inventing skill

- Build a SimBot

- Get a tattoo

- Have a makeover at the salon


- Master Sculpting skill

- Have 8.000 reputation points at the Consigment Store

- Own a business or pucharse a community lot

GENERATION #11: World Adventures

Less worried about your job than his/her parents, your Sim want to explore the world. Time for adventure!

Generation Trait: Adventurous

Generation Creature: Mummy


- Visit all three vacation destinations

- Have level 3 Visa

- Totally explore a tomb in each vacation destination.

- Master Photography skill

- Get 500 ancient coins


- Get 2500 ancient coins

- Master Martial Arts or Nectar Making skill

- Marry a local Sim from a vacation destination

- Be cursed by a mummy

GENERATION #12: Base game

Your Sims heard about his/her ancestors adventures during all his/her life. Now is time to spread your family history!

Generation Trait: Easily-Impressed

Generation Creature: None


- Master Writing skill

- Become a level 10 Journalist

- Befriend with one of your ancestorís ghost

- Write a biography about one of your ancestorís ghost

- Have the Family-Oriented trait


- Name a child after one of the Descendants your Generation #1 Sims met.

- Best-selling biography

- Make one of your ancestorís ghost playable

- ďTalk about FamilyĒ with 20 Sims


If you have any question or suggestion about the challenge, please contact me in here or by e-mail: [email protected]

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