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2nd Oct 2016, 10:57 AM
I personally felt the Immortal Dynasty Challenge on Carls-Sims-3-Guide …


… to be at once too easy and too difficult. It's too easy because A) I can simply use the brain enhancing machine to give my sims the skills they need to complete the challenge, rather than grinding them up one-by-one, while using alchemy and the Sim Finder App to get the best friends needed at the very end, and B) two of the three criteria for the challenge – acquiring life fruit and completing six opportunities – were based on RNG. I can't count the number of times I tried that challenge and failed, not because I didn't play well or didn't plan accordingly, but because the opportunities never appeared, and/or because every special seed I picked up tended to be a death flower, a money tree, a flame fruit, or just about anything BUT a life fruit!

To get around that, I've created my own Immortal Dynasty Challenge, one that relies as little as possible on RNG.

For brevity's sake, just assume that the rules of this challenge are the same as the regular Immortal Dynasty challenge, except as herein specified.

First, in addition to placing a deathfish spawner if your city does not already have one, you may also place, not a special seed spawner, but an actual life fruit plant near the graveyard. This plant may be harvested only once, and all but a single sample of the fruit must be immediately sold. This will guarantee that you will be able to acquire a life fruit sample to grow your own life fruit with, while at the same time forcing you to develop your supply of life fruit from scratch.

Your founder must start the game as a toddler. He or she will have a mother and father who will not be immortal. Your immortal museum (listed below) must include relics from every life stage except infant.

You are allowed to start the game with as much as $15,000 simoleons.

In the regular challenge, all you need is a portrait of yourself to be in the museum. This is hardly very engaging. I'd prefer to make my museum into an actual MUSEUM. To that end, every museum must have the following things:

1. You must have both a painting and a sculpture of each immortal at each life stage. At this point, it should go without saying that it would be a good idea if one of your first non-immortal parents had the artistic trait while the other had the “savvy sculptor” trait, since as we're about to see, the brain enhancing machine can't be used as a shortcut.

2. The crib, potty, high chair, and stuffed toy the immortal used as a toddler must be on display. If you have Generations, each baby will get a stuffed toy in the mail that can be used for this purpose, but if you don't have ambitions and/or would prefer to turn the imaginary friend real, then you'll need to buy a 50 simoleon teddy bear for this purpose.

(a) And yes, that means you cannot use the same crib/potty/high chair/teddy bear across generations. Same with all bike and car mentioned below.

3. As a child, your immortal must be given a bicycle. When he grows out of it and gets a car, this bike will become a museum exhibit for the “child” section of his museum.

4. When your immortal teen learns to drive, you must buy him a car and designate it as his first preferred vehicle. This first preferred vehicle will also be an exhibit in the “teen” section of his museum … easily the biggest museum exhibit of them all. If your teen also becomes Prom King/Queen, the crown must also be an exhibit.

5. When your immortal becomes a young adult, you must select some tool that he uses in his career as an exhibit for that section of his life. For example, if he's a journalist or bestselling author, then have his first desktop computer be the exhibit. Criminal or athletic career? Use his first exercise machine or something. Culinary career? You can select his first refrigerator, his first oven, his first food processor, or something else related to cooking. You get the idea.

(a) An obvious problem will exist for the business career track, since that career doesn't require any skills. For that career track, I'd recommend either buying a business planner, or getting a podium in order to represent the “charisma” skill, which is indirectly tied to your relationships with your co-workers.

6. When your immortal becomes an adult, have him buy a personal relic that exemplifies their personality. This relic must be worth at least one thousand simoleons and it must be something that can be placed in that sim's personal inventory, where it must stay until he becomes an adult. When the immortal becomes an elder, this relic will be the museum exhibit for his “adult” life span.

(a) You cannot select just anything to be the relic. It has to be relatively tied to one of your sim's personality traits. For example, artistic/avant garde sims could acquire an expensive painting, while a couch potato might have a video game console. I'll let you exercise your discretion when deciding what relic to give your immortal for his exhibit.

Elder is the only life stage that does not require any museum exhibit beyond his painting and sculpture.

However, it is important to note that each exhibit must have some sort of sentimental value to your immortal. Is he a fisherman? Frame the first fish he ever caught and use that as his YA exhibit. Painter? Keep his first painting rather than sell it, and use that painting as his YA exhibit. You CANNOT just use some random fishing book you buy from the bookstore as his YA exhibit … because that doesn't document his life. Plan ahead, and make calculated decisions.

Instead of earning the right to immortality by completing a specific list of rigid conditions where RNG can screw you over, I've created a point system. You can eat ambrosia as soon as your museum exhibits are all in place, and you have otherwise earned at least 100 “Immortality Points,” or IP's for short. While some of the methods of acquiring IP's can be RNG-based, it's optional whether you even get the points using these methods at all!

You gain points by completing the following tasks:

1. Career Advancement – 1 point per rank except for Ranks 1 & 10. Join a career that is different than any other immortal. With the exception of the first rank (which requires no effort whatsoever to achieve) and Rank 10 (which will usually be redundant of the next method of earning points), you gain 1 point for every promotion you receive. Each immortal can only gain a maximum of 24 points from this method.

2. Lifetime Achievements – 10 points each. Meet the criteria for a lifetime wish that is different from any other lifetime wish any other immortals meet the criteria for. You do not need to have promised your sim this lifetime wish, and you do not need to get the happiness points from it. Each immortal can only gain a maximum of 30 points using this method.

3. Skill-ups – 2 point for each rank. Earn a level-up in a skill that no other immortal has raised to that same level. For example, if one immortal raises his painting skill to 10 while another immortal raises his painting skill to 3, the first immortal has 14 points while the second immortal has none.

The brain-enhancing machine is off-limits. Period. Not just for acquiring immortality points; it's banned across the board. For immortals and non-immortals alike. Nothing but hard work and discipline should yield success.

4. Good Grades – 1 point per day. Every day that your child or teen immortal comes home from school with an “A,” he gets one point. This is the only point-earning method that is neither RNG nor has an arbitrary maximum point value, but that's only because there will be a de facto maximum due to the fact that you'll only have a handful of days before your immortal inevitably becomes a YA in order to rack up these points.

And before anyone asks: No, getting good grades in University does not count. Since time pauses when this happens and can be repeated indefinitely, it would essentially allow you to rack up infinite points, making this too easy.

5. Breadwinner – 25 points. Your immortal can instantly be put a quarter the way towards immortality if he single-handedly brings at least 100,000 simoleons into the family funds, by himself.

Since this is so easy to do, it can only be used for immortality points once in the entire challenge. Not just once per immortal, but only once, period.

Since you will need Ambitions in order to create the sculptures for the museum, the easiest way to keep track of this is to select the sim you wish to designate for these points and have him be self-employed. The game will automatically track how much money you've made through sales. Otherwise, using the Dusty Old Lamp to wish for fortune will satisfy this requirement automatically.

6. Opportunities – 5 points each. Complete an opportunity that no other immortal has completed, and you will gain five immortality points! This can be repeated as many times as you want, but remember that this is still RNG-based. There is no maximum number of points you can earn with this method.

7. Best friends – 5 points each. Have a best friend that is different than any other immortal's “best friend.” The best friend MUST be an NPC. Also, if you have Supernatural, you cannot use the Jar of Friendship, or the Jar of Potent Friendship, to shortcut this. That's just as cheap as the brain enhancing machine. You have to actually make friends with this NPC.

Your immortal can earn a maximum of 20 immortality points using this method.

You win this challenge once all eight immortals sit down and eat their first (and only) eight-person meal of ambrosia together. After that, we can all assume they will simply repeat that process indefinitely every 20 days for all eternity. You've won the challenge at this point.

Have fun!