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2nd Oct 2016, 8:29 AM
Hello, this is my first challenge, so don't hate on it if it's bad.
I do not intend to copy anybody; if someone else thought of this before me, I'm not copying them.
That being said, let's get onto the challenge!

This is a weird but frustrating challenge I came up with: your sim must only have the bare essentials.

You cannot make your sim (or sims) look complex; a t-shirt all one color, swimshorts, bald, etc. Point is, They have look average. Their traits must not give your sim a buff (lucky, neat, etc); only neutrals (can't stand art, never nude, etc) and debuffs (coward, slob, etc). You can have any lifetime wish, I won't restrict you on that :).

You can select any empty lot. You can make your house as big as you want, with some restrictions:
CHEAPEST OBJECTS POSSIBLE - Weather it be a crappy toilet or a cold shower, your objects must be the cheapest possible.
NO POOL - This is pretty self-explanatory. Pools are not essential; therefore, they are not needed.
ONE FLOOR, NO FOUNDATION - Your boring sim does not like stairs; they creak during the night.
NO BASEMENT - Similarly, your sim does not like elevators; they are waaaaaaaay too noisy.

Your goal? To get to 12 generations of boring sims. After 12, your sims may continue to be the boring-est sims on the face of the earth (continue the challenge), or your sim-my genes may realize what's going on, and your sims will prosper (beat the challenge).

To make this challenge easier, you can have one trait giving your sim one buff, AND one object type that is better than the rest (Better TV, better bed, etc).
To make this challenge HARDER, however, you must make your house as cramped as possible (you can have the toilet stall, though), and you are not allowed any neutral traits; only negatives. One of those traits must be "commitment issues" for ALL 12 generations.

No cheating (except if you need money for house-building, in that case use motherlode/kaching)
You are allowed any and all expansion packs.
Skill objects are only required for your sim's job. For instance, if you want your sim as an inventor, you would need the workbench. but some skill objects are not required if you have a job. If you want you sim as a criminal, for instance, your athletic skill can be increased by going to the gym.
And, last but not least, have fun.

9th Oct 2016, 2:24 AM
It sounds like a boring challenge (punny, I know, but only joking XD), but I like simple challenges to play while watching things.

15th Oct 2016, 6:02 PM
I don't think I will do this challenge but good try. And I know I wouldn't do this good for my first try that's for sure!