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Life Gammer
2nd Oct 2016, 8:15 AM
My Basic Legacy Challenge
Hey this is my second challenge ever and I am hoping its a good one.

So I was looking for a basic legacy challenge with little to do to get to the next generation and I couldn't find one so I am writing my own. Please If I messed anything up leave me some constructive criticism please on what I did wrong Thanks :) I Just going to jump right in.

First you have to create your main sim. They must be male or female and they can have whatever traits you want them to have.

Build/Buy mode:
Build/ Buy mode is simple. You are confined to 1000 when you start and have a basic little thing. From there you must earn what you put into your house.

1. You must start living with 1000
2. You can not start dating till you have a real house so 1 full bath, 1 bedroom, and 1 living area/ kitchen/ dining area.
3. You must be financially stable before you can have kids: bills are paid and you have real paying jobs.
4. If your sim is writing for a living make sure the partner has a 9-5 type of job(You have to go some where to work)
5. When your sims get married make sure to have some sort of party or sizable get together whether it's a wedding party or a house party or a Juice Kegger if you have University.
6. You children and teens need to have an A when they age up and the toddlers must learn to walk, talk, and use the bathroom.

To Complete the Challenge you must survive 10 generations and you must keep the family name alive even if you have only girls.

Thanks for reading BYE (It will be soon updated)