View Full Version : Modified Legacy Challenge - Made easier for those who need it.

18th Sep 2016, 9:00 PM
At my school, even as high-schoolers, people who have learning disabilities or ther things usually get modified tests and help. I don't know if this the first, but I've decided to modify the Legacy Challenge so if you're aren't good at the Sims/Legacy Challenge, want an easier way, or want to modify some things but not others, you can go ahead and do it this way! You can mix and match as you please! There will be no points, unless you want to. You can find the points scoring system in the link below.
I did NOT create the legacy challenge!I got most my info from here. I think this is the official website. http://www.simslegacychallenge.com/legacy-challenge-rules/sims-3-legacy-challenge-rules/

Create two Sims, preferably the same age- Young Adult or Adult. The male can be an elder, but not the female.. One should be male, one should be female. You can do it the other way if you want.
They can be created any way you want, have any LtW you want, etc. They should be Boyfriend and Girlfriend or Husband and Wife. If you want to make it harder, make them Housemates.

No other households should be active. You shouldn't use cheats. You can choose any house you want, and can move.
Mods are allowed as long at they don't give you too much of an advantage.
You can move in families and have them have kids. As long as the kids are created by the game and not you, you can use them. (Ex- If you make and move in two married sims and a toddler, your heir cannot marry the toddler after it's grown. If they have another child, it can be married in)
Lifetime rewards are allowed.
Founder - The first Sim(s) you created are the founders. Their goal is to make their family survive for 10 generations.
Heir - One of the kids your founder(s) had. You can decide how to pick them. They become the next generation's 'founder' as soon as they're a young adult, or if you want to say when they're married, go ahead. Spares are used if the heir doesn't make it to the stage or died before married/having kids. The person married in to the family from the heir is considered a mate, and becomes the second founder once moved in/married/have one kid.
Other - Sims who have moved out and have nothing to do with the next generation, challenge-wise. They carry the blood of your first founders and are usually expected to have kids too.
Bloodline - Anyone who shares the blood of your founders (siblings of heirs/founders, etc) Adopted sims can be considered part of the bloodline if you want, but you should only adopt once or twice and you should really have at least one blood-born child.
Portraits - Have a portrait of each founder in their teen, (young) adult, or elder stages. If you want, you can do every life stage you see of them. This is not required. IF you;d like to do this, you can make a room that holds all the portraits of each generation.

Birth - Traits should be randomly assigned, but you can choose them yourself. Once a baby is born, the founders may never split up until death.
Death - Do what you want with your family members! No reviving them, though.