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5th Sep 2016, 9:49 PM
Hey, guys! So, this is my first post on this site. I suppose that you could call this a "challenge", but it's mainly just a concept that you can eventually build upon on your own. That being said, if this inspires someone to make a full challenge, go ahead and take this idea and expand it to fit your liking! Just be sure to credit me if you do so. :rofl:
Also, this concept could be played in either the Sims 3 or Sims 4!

The Story
The two main characters, ____ and ____ were born into a very wealthy family. They were identical twins, and they looked the exact same. You could hardly tell them apart from one another, especially because their parents dressed them in the same outfits, and styled their hair the same way. However, despite their similar appearances, they could not have been more different. The first twin, ____, was very outgoing and friendly, though she was very snobbish and full of herself. She had many boyfriends, and in her teens, she slept with the entire football team! However, the second twin, ____, was very introverted. She grew a strong hatred for authority after being pushed around by her parents for her entire life, and as such found a home with the punks and rebels of the town. The moment that they turned 18, each of them moved away to different cities, praying that they would not have to see their parents or each other ever again.
However, fate isn't so nice. Recently, their parents passed away, leaving not only their beautiful mansion but also their large sum of money behind for their daughters. There is only one condition. In order to get the money, they must live together in the house! And to make matters worse, the first twin's boyfriend left her after finding that she had cheated on him with his brother, and the second twin finally decided that enough was enough, and that she would do her best to stop drinking and smoking and try to fix her life up. Will they be able to live together? Or will it be a disaster?!

Create a Sim
The sims can look however you'd like them to, as long as they fit these requirements:
The first sim (the popular one) must wear expensive looking clothing, her body filled to the brim with flashy jewelry. You can either have her dress in very revealing clothing, or in very preppy clothing. Either way, she must wear bright colors. As for personality, she must have traits that let her get friends easily, as well as either a hopeless romantic or flirty type trait. She must also have commitment issues. The rest is up to you.
The second sim (punk one) must wear beaten up clothing, and the more punk she looks, the better (torn jeans, combat boots, dyed hair, heavy makeup, etc.). She must wear dark colors. As for her personality, she must have a party animal trait, as well as a trait that makes her want to rebel against authority (like the rebellious trait from TS3: Ambitions).
The mother and father must also be created, and they must look rich. However, you don't have to spend much time on them, because they are only there to be killed off in the beginning of the game, so that the urns/graves are there.
The twins must be Young Adults, and the parents must be Elders.

The Gameplay
Before you move the family into a house, be sure to place down a fancy house with at least three bedrooms. They are rich, after all! You will have to buy a cheap house first, then move into the expensive one from there, most likely. That's okay. Be sure to use the motherlode cheat, or familyfunds cheat to ensure that they have enough money to never need to work again in their life! Also, if you have Late Night (TS3) you may give them celebrity points if you so desire. It isn't necessary, but it makes sense for the richest people in town to be well known like that.
Once you move the family into the fancy home, kill the parents in whatever way you desire. Drowning might be easiest, but that's just me. You can't start properly playing until the parents are dead! Once the parents are out of the way, go ahead and use the testingCheatsenabled true cheat to drag the twins' relationship to the lowest it can be. From here on out, you are not allowed to use cheats besides money cheats. You still have to take care of the sims like normal.
However, this is where it gets interesting. The twins may get jobs if they wish, or have a boyfriend or whatever it is that they want. But it won't be so easy. The other twin must try everything to sabotage the other twin's life. For example, the second twin brings home a boyfriend? The first twin woohoos with him, and makes him fall in love with her instead. The first twin is trying to sleep for work in the morning? The second twin plays music in her room to wake her up. Do anything within your power to make their lives difficult!
Once this gets boring, you can work on making the twins like one another, and ultimately fixing their relationship.

You can only really lose the challenge if one of the sims dies for some reason.

Anyways, that's all that I have for this "challenge". Like I said, it's mainly just a concept, but I feel like it'd be fun, and that it leaves a lot up for the imagination for any of you lovely simmers to change or expand upon. Thank you guys for reading! :bunny: :bunny:

23rd Sep 2016, 2:06 PM
this sounds really interesting :D
Do you control both twins or do you pick one to play and just sabotage the other?

23rd Sep 2016, 6:47 PM
this is epic!!!

24th Sep 2016, 9:51 PM
this sounds really interesting :D
Do you control both twins or do you pick one to play and just sabotage the other?

That sounds like a cool ISBI twist!