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30th Aug 2016, 9:21 PM

There are other cult-based challenges available. Specifically, a challenge called Sims 4 Cultist Challenge was written by dinomice. While I did take some cues from that challenge, mine is very different, but I wanted to give credit where due. Also, there is some sacrificing in this challenge w

Well it's been a VERY long time since I wrote a challenge. I honestly had no intention of doing so when I dusted off Sims 3 and started playing. After spending a good bit of time looking through the challenges out there, I found another cultist challenge and reworked it into something I'd enjoy playing and thought I'd share it with you.

Your father was the leader of a great cult, the faithful, who followed the dark ones, the fallen angels. His task was to produce an heir to lead the faithful that bore the mark of the dark ones. According to your father, your mother died from complications of childbirth after you were born. Your childhood was very unique. As the "chosen one", you are an instrument to fulfilling the prophecies of the dark ones. Immediately upon your birth, you were famous. Those around the globe who followed the faith knew who you were and gravitate toward you like moths to the flame. Now you are a young adult. You have ascended your father and assumed your rightful place as leader of the faithful.

You have two objectives in this challenge. First, to lead your cult following successfully, more on that later. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, like your father before you, you must produce the next heir which is not s simple as it sounds!

- You will need a mod of some sort to enable more than 8 sims in your home (I.e. Master Controller and Portrait Panel by NRaas are both great).
- It is very helpful to have a mod that lets you kill another sim. Otherwise you will be stuck locking them in a room until they die and that kills the immersion of this challenge for me.
- It is also very helpful to have NRaas Woohooer to set jealousy to none.

It is much easier to play a man for this challenge; however, if you want the added difficulty, play a woman. You must have the evil trait and the remaining traits can be whatever you like. For role-play purposes, I chose ambitious, snob, mean spirited, and genius. In addition, you must have two unique features that can be passed on to a child. Mine was eerie purple eyes and jet black hair with blue streaks in it.

Quite unexpectedly, you met someone and fell desperately in love with them. Your father was FURIOUS as he saw your spouse as nothing but a barrier to fulfilling your destiny. You knew he was right, but you married him or her anyway. I made mine artistic so she spends her time in a lovely home painting, sculpting, preparing gourmet meals, etc. Here is the issue, your spouse knows NOTHING of who you are. If they ever discovered the truth, it would be over. You must keep the cult-area sealed off from them. I have a shed out in my yard that is unlocked to everyone but the spouse and has elevators that go down to the basement.

Your home can be located in any sim town. The home's value (including the basement should be roughly $200,000. I placed a home that I liked that would have normally gone for about 150,000 and then added the cult area that includes the following:
- Dorms for your cultists - I made two large rooms and put 4 bunk beds and a desk with computer in each.
- Bathrooms I created a men's and women's room with 3 all-in-one toilet/shower stalls in each.
- Recreation Room for cultists Mine contains two large sitting areas with televisions, three small tables for eating, and a couple video game machines. You could add ping-pong tables, etc.
- Kitchen
- Conference Room
- Sacrifice Cells Each cell contains a bed, chair, small TV, shower, toilet, desk and chair, and a bookshelf.
- Nursery This is a temporary holding area for babies that are not the heir. It should be pretty blah (as opposed to the upstairs nursery for the heir which should be amazing).
- Ritual Chamber This is the room where sacred rituals are performed. During try for baby, I have a double bed in there. During sacrifices and birthing, I have a scary looking statue in there. Decorate it with blacks and reds, make it look creepy as hell.

Set age as follows: Infant 1 day, Toddler 5 days, Teen 14 days, Young Adult 21 days, Adult 21 days, Elder 14 days.

You start with $5,000. The intent is to have enough to pay bills at least twice while you are building your cultist base.

Only a child marked with the signs of the dark ones may be deemed the "heir". That means your child must possess both of the unique appearance selections you made when creating your character (or one of the two for an easier challenge). I strongly suggest choosing things that will be easy to spot. In addition, the heir must be conceived by the faithful. That should immediately set of warning bells that your spouse CANNOT conceive the heir. There's that wrinkle I told you about earlier. Obviously this is your heir, he or she isn't going to live in the basement.

FEMALE LEADER: You must woohoo with your spouse immediately upon becoming pregnant and tell him the baby is his. If the baby does not have the required markings to be the heir, he'll be told you lost the baby (unless it's one you intend to turn into a cultist). Your sim must go to the ceremonial room whenever she is in labor.

MALE LEADER: Your wife will be brainwashed by the cult when the heir is born into believing the child is hers. It's good to be supernatural.

You don't need to look for cultists and potential sacrifices, they come to YOU. On day one, add two sims to your household and add one sim every other day after that. I recommend using master controller for this; however, the only thing you should know about this person is their age (must be young adult or adult) and gender. Master Controller will show you their portrait as well. Use testingcheats to raise their relationship meter with the leader and the spouse to max.

Once the person arrives, you must make an assessment. Are they a cultist or to be sacrificed.

Obviously it takes two to make a baby and your wife or husband isn't part of that equation. When selecting someone to come to your home, you can choose male or female; however, only a human opposite sex can be a sacrifice. Many of these individuals come to you WILLINGLY wanting to be the conduit for your heir, knowing they will lose their life in the process (now that's loyalty). The teachings of the dark ones mandate sacrifices be handled as follows:
They must be purified. My cells are stark white. They cannot leave the cell for any reason other than going to the ritual chamber to conceive, give birth, and be sacrificed. Lock their door.

- You can have them shower before conception to add some flavor and cleansing.
- After you hear the baby music, return them to their cell.
- Sacrifices must be fed twice a day. I just have someone grab an extra plate form a meal, set it down, and drag it to their cell.
- As soon as they go into labor, have them leave the cell and go to the ceremonial room. Your character should go there as well. Lock the door to all. Make sure your altar or scary statue is in there.
- Immediately after giving birth, your character must appease the dark ones by sacrificing them to the altar. This is where a mod that allows killling comes in handy. If this really bothers you, just move them out into the community.
- Move the baby into the basement nursery for now. The cultists should care for him/her.

Cultists are sims that have desirable skills, a nice job, etc. They don't necessarily have to have more than an entry level position, but it's a big help if they do. Cultists live in the dorms and go to work daily to produce income for you. You and your spouse should not work but your spouse can make money by selling paintings, sculptures, writing books, etc. You are too busy leading a cult for that. When at home, cultists take care of things around the house like caring for children, preparing meals, cleaning up. They are permitted in the main part of the house. The spouse just believes they are part of "the help".

A newborn must stay in the basement until they age up to toddler (one day). At that point, assess them for the necessary appearance requirements (it might be easier to use testingcheats and go into CAS but you may not change any of their features).
- The Heir If you finally hit the jackpot, transfer the baby upstairs to their brand new nursery. The faithful ADORE the heir and will care for him constantly (make sure to raise their relationship with him/her to max). He should read all the toddler books, raise skills to max for toddlers, learn to walk, talk, use the potty. There should be NOTHING he doesn't have all through childhood. If you have a home school mod you may use that or send him to public school.
- Otherwise Well it's a bust. You now have a choice to make. You can either put the baby up for adoption or raise him up to be a cultist. if you wish to make him a cultist, you can either leave him in the basement or bring him to the main house and put him somewhere that isn't as nice as the heir's nusery.

You may have a live-in butler which is part of the cult; however, you may not have other services traipsing around your property. If something breaks, a handy cultist should fix it, etc.

The police cannot come to your home for any reason. That means if there is a burglar, you have to deal with it on your own. This goes double for anyone visiting your home that is not of the faith. You don't want anyone sniffing around your property that might report you to the police. A locked front gate is a beautiful thing. If you light the joint on fire, you'll just have to put it out. Guard your property against nonbelievers!

The leader of the cult should be focusing on the following (in addition to producing an heir)
- Be physically impressive. Have him work out frequently and build that physique.
- It's all about making money. While your main character does not work, he does invest. Start increasing the cult's influence in local business by investing whenever possible.
- The leader and his/her spouse are almost like royalty to the faithful. They should have a beautiful relationship, an example to the faithful, and go out on dates at least once a week, whisk the spouse away on a quick vacation now and again, etc.
- If you have supernatural, on the night of the full moon call all of the cultists together in your meeting room to prepare for a special sacrifice. Earlier in the day, summon a sim to your home of the same sex as the leader. Bring the person to your ritual chamber and sacrifice them in a ritual to increase their virility/fertility of the leader. This can be someone special you've added to the house, not one of your regulars. If you don't have supernatural and still want to do this, just pick a night for a full moon.
- If you have university, create a blog for the cult. Only those around the sim world who are believers will be able to find it. Post daily updates, announce the heir, etc.
- Raise your skills! Commit time every day to raising skills you believe would be important for a leader (logic, charisma, etc.) as well as any you just want to raise.
- Once the heir becomes a child, you should be grooming him or her to take over one day. They should be included in all cult activity. Once the heir is here, sacrifices will continue (without pregnancy) at least once a week in a ritual to ensure the heir's health.
- Once the heir reaches young adult, the leader (if still alive) should arrange his or her marriage to the best cultist of the opposite gender to ensure the future heir can be conceived from their union.

You are going to have a LOT of people in your home and it will be impossible to manage them. Sacrifices have everything they need. Feed them twice daily (or throw a microwave in there and let them eat hot dogs) and be done with it. If they pass out on the floor, not your problem. My cells have the cheapest furniture, etc. But they have what they need. Cultists should be able to manage on their own. You can, if you like, instruct them to work on a skill, etc. Their main role is to earn you money and take care of things around the house when you need it. Let them do their own thing otherwise. Your character should not be doing menial tasks. Just make sure sims are set to take care of their own needs and don't stress about it.

If you successfully maintain your lifestyle using the cult and produce an heir before your main character dies, the challenge is won when the heir becomes an adult.

- The main character dies without an heir
- Your spouse finds the hidden cult area, leaves you, and rats you out to the police.
- You can't pay your bills and the repo man comes more than one time.
- The police or anyone outside of the cult (except your wife) comes into your home. This does not apply to someone just walking by or scripted events like the university mascot, alien abductions etc.

I hope you enjoy this challenge. It's fairly straightforward. I would love to see pictures of your sims, their heir, and how you set up your cult area if you want to share them.

p.s. No I am not a psychopath. I don't condone killing, cults, or anything of the sort. It's just a challenge.

The Sims Challenger
6th Sep 2016, 11:42 PM
I love it! I'm honestly so cursed tempted to boot up Sims immediately and play the fur off of this challenge... but I've a book that I'm meant to be reading. Oh the choices.

7th Sep 2016, 5:58 PM
Well I hate to add to your choices but I am going to be releasing a new "survive this" type of challenge for the sims 4. Post apocalyptic challenges have always been my favorite to do (and most popular) so get ready for another one.

The Sims Challenger
11th Sep 2016, 4:10 AM
Well I hate to add to your choices but I am going to be releasing a new "survive this" type of challenge for the sims 4. Post apocalyptic challenges have always been my favorite to do (and most popular) so get ready for another one.

Nooo, don't feel bad! Your stuff is always amazing. Take pleasure in your sadism, Misty.

27th Sep 2016, 3:39 PM
My newest challenge, called "The Purge" has been submitted. I played the heck out of it myself before releasing it and had a great time. I had to put in a TON of research on TS4 to make this challenge more interesting so you may find stuff in it you didn't even know was in the game. I've sent it to the moderator and it should be uploaded within the next couple days. Keep your eyes peeled on the TS4 Challenge forums and PLEASE give me feedback. I put a LOT of time into this challenge so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Sadly Sims challenges just don't seem to be that popular anymore so I don't know if I will be writing any more. If I do, it will be the sequel to Freedom's Call for TS3. If that's something you guys want, please let me know. I don't want to invest hours of my own time writing and play testing a challenge if hardly anyone is doing them any more. Thanks!

7th Nov 2016, 8:53 PM
This is a great idea, I'm gonna start this today, might even post some pictures (if I can figure out how)

25th Nov 2016, 1:32 PM
I'll start today, expect pictures when I find out how to do them.

5th Dec 2016, 1:29 AM
I started playing this challenge. All I got to say is I'm annoyed because the first attempt at an heir the mother's pregnancy got stuck so I had to abort it. Rip possible heir.

Update: Reimpregnated the girl and the woman had triplet girls while the father tried to suicide on jelly beans. The children are Lynne, Rinne and Rynne.