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4th Sep 2016, 8:08 PM
Your sim has a great family, full of love. However, people forget to do things and arguments happen, leading to the unfortunate break-up of the two parenting sims. Now, your main sim is left by themselves with little funds to care for the many children of the household.

The main point of this challenge is to raise your children from toddlers to children successfully with only one parent. In every level of difficulty for this challenge you are to have one main sim of any gender, either a young adult or adult (elders are not recommended as they may die) preferably with an ex lover, the one you had the children with. You can have the sims start off in a relationship and breakup while living together or have a parent kicked out as soon as or a day after the challenge starts. Either way on the second day there must only be one sim capable of taking care of children. There are different levels of difficulty for this challenge.

~Easy ~
-Four/Five toddlers to take care of
-Must have one skill completed before they age up (Potty Trained, Walking, Talking)
-Age set to up to 10 days

~Medium ~
-Five/Six toddlers to take care of
-Must have two skills completed before they age up (Potty Trained, Walking, Talking)
-Age set to up to 12 days

~Hard ~
-Six/Seven toddlers to take care of
-Must have all skills completed before they age up
-Age set to up to 15 days (you'll need it)

~General Rules/Tips ~
-You can use freerealestate on or motherlode to create your home
-After the main sim's ex-lover is out of the household, funds must be set to 1500
-You can't have someone who can take care of children moved in
-Babysitters can only be hired if the main sim needs to leave the house, but not if the main sim is at home
-Your main sim may have a job, although they must be self-employed (if you don't have ambitions, then you can still do this through painting, gardening ect.)
-If you want an extra challenge use babies instead of toddlers (if you have nraas then use instant baby, if not then you can adopt, but the children all must be there by the end of the first day)

If you have any questions, let me know! Have fun :)

29th Sep 2016, 4:39 PM
Love this challenge! I'm doing the hard challenge and until their at YA stage.