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4th Sep 2016, 8:05 PM
The main point of this challenge is to create as accurate as possible in the Sims a family tree based on the Lord of the Rings by Tolkien. I have some family trees that can be followed, although they're very complicated, or you can just use the guild below. If you want to do points, I will also leave a points table below.
Okay, a quick note. If you have Sims 3 Supernatural then I suggest using the species to represent different races. I like to use either fairies for elves, and withes for Maiar. Also, to make things really authentic I suggest a custom medieval style world or maybe Dragon Valley if you have it and there are a few pre made lotr style houses available around the web.

Seen as the purpose of this is get the family as close to original as possible, you can play with aging off and are allowed to age sims up as you see fit as elves will be a bit of a nuisance. Use any cc you want to make it feel more authentic and any other mods that you want really. If you want to play more hard core, try turning aging to long or normal.
Traits/appearance/ltw can be random or based on the characters.
Housing should be appropriate for the family size and you'll need to move out sims when you don't need them anymore or kill them off.
Surnames can be whatever you feel like or taken from the character's nickname in lore. The only exceptions to this are listed in the guide.

Rough Guide
1. Starting household
• You'll need 3 elf brothers and 3 wives.
• Elf guy number 1 should be called Thingol, and have silver hair and blue eyes.
• Elf guy number 2 should be called Olwë, and have white hair and blue eyes.
• Elf guy number 3 should be called Elmo.
• The wife of Thingol should be called Melian and is a Maiar. She should have black hair and blue eyes.
• Other wives (both elves) can have any name and look. Feel free to be creative!
• You can place the family on a single lot, but I would suggest splitting them straight away and pick one to start with.

2. Finwë and Indis
• Create in a different household an elf called Finwë with black hair and blue-grey eyes.
• Then, his wife Indis who has golden hair.
• They have 2 sons. First should be called Finarfin. He should have golden hair.
• The second is Fingolfin, and he should have auburn hair.
• He should marry an elf called Anairë and have one son.
• Their son should be named Turgon and have auburn hair and grey eyes.
• He will marry an elf called Elenwë, who has golden hair.
• They then have one daughter called Idril, with golden hair.
• Idril will marry a man called Tuor who has golden hair.
• They have one half-elf son called Eärendil.

3. Thingol and Melian
• Thingol and Melian need to have one daughter (and in lore have no other children).
• Call her Lúthien, and make her have black hair and gray eyes.
• Age her up to either ya or a so she can get married.
• Bring in a man called Beren (if you're extending the challenge, you will need to refer to additional link for family tree), with golden brown hair and grey eyes.
• They need to have a half-elven son called Dior and have grey eyes.

4. Elmo
• He and his wife need to have 2 boys.
• The first should be called Celeborn and have silver hair and light blue eyes. He'll be needed later.
• The second should be called Galathil. He should marry another elf sim and have one daughter.
• The daughter should be called Nimloth. She should have auburn hair.

5. Olwë
• Olwë should have one daughter Eärwen, who has silver hair.
• She should marry Finarfin and have one daughter called Galadriel, with gold-silver hair.
• Galadriel should marry Celeborn and have one daughter called Celebrian, who has silver hair.
6. Nimloth and Dior
• Nimloth and Dior should marry and have one half-elven daughter called Elwing.
• Elwing and Eärendil have identical, half-elven twin sons.
• The first should be called Elros. If you have Supernatural he should forsake or cure whatever he has to become human.
• The second should be a called Elrond Peredhel, be elven, and have auburn hair and grey eyes.
• They should be identical.
• Elrond should marry Celebrian and have 3 half-elven children.
• 2 Identical, twin sons called Elrohir Peredhel and Elladan Peredhel, who should have dark hair and grey eyes.
• One daughter called Arwen, with dark hair and grey eyes.
7. Arwen and Aragorn
• Arwen should move out and marry a man called Aragorn Telcontar who has dark hair and grey eyes.
• She should then cure/forsake Supernatural if used.
• They have one son called Eldarion Telcontar, and congrats, you're done!

Additional Challenges
For those wanting more, you can try and complete these additional challenges to make the world feel even more immersive. Each of them will have points attached, but of course you don't have to keep track if you're not feeling it.
• Try having a complete elven family tree. This will likely involve needing more than 8 in a household, so be warned. However, for each lore family member not mentioned above give yourself +1.
• Try adding the human side of the family tree. This will be very lengthy to do as you'll need 3 additional starting families before intermarrying to get to the human sims mentioned above. However, the reward is great, + 5 for each member.
• Try adding in other human families such as the Eorlings or that of the Stewards. +10 for each.
• You could add in other characters for lore outside of any families, such as Legolas or Gandalf. For each character +2
• Try killing off your sims as closely to their character's death as possible. +1 (+5 with aging on) for each done with mods, +4 (+10 with aging on) for each done without.
• If you manage to complete the initial challenge with aging on long, +200
• If you manage to complete the initial challenge with aging on normal, +1000

Family Trees
I have provided a link to the family tree to give some clues as to how it should all look by the end. I've also given the extended family trees. As you might notice, they are very complicated and involve a lot of switching back and forward between them as people intermarry. To make your life slightly easier, I've always made a key to keep track of whose who. Enjoy!
Main Family Tree (http://i1354.photobucket.com/albums/q692/NimuehNeith/LOTR%20Family%20Trees/Elronds%20Family%20Tree_zpst6rkxekj.jpg)
Finwe's Family Tree (http://i1354.photobucket.com/albums/q692/NimuehNeith/LOTR%20Family%20Trees/Finwes%20Family%20Tree_zpsupvtpuyt.jpg)
Haladin (http://i1354.photobucket.com/albums/q692/NimuehNeith/LOTR%20Family%20Trees/Haladin_zpsett2xww9.jpg)
Hous of Malach (http://i1354.photobucket.com/albums/q692/NimuehNeith/LOTR%20Family%20Trees/House%20of%20Malach_zpssyfaqwbv.jpg)
House of Beor (http://i1354.photobucket.com/albums/q692/NimuehNeith/LOTR%20Family%20Trees/House%20of%20Beor_zpsqlo9rnvb.jpg)
Aragorn's (and Elros') Family Tree (http://i1354.photobucket.com/albums/q692/NimuehNeith/LOTR%20Family%20Trees/Elros%20and%20Aragorn_zpslvrkcnw5.jpg)
Rohirim and Stewards (http://i1354.photobucket.com/albums/q692/NimuehNeith/LOTR%20Family%20Trees/Rohirim%20and%20Stewards_zpsfbvlevrs.jpg)
Key (http://i1354.photobucket.com/albums/q692/NimuehNeith/LOTR%20Family%20Trees/Key_zpslupmelgp.jpg)