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30th Aug 2016, 9:14 PM
Don't you hate those stories where someone is killed in their prime? Can't help shed a tear when passing a child's gravestone? In the Sims, there is hope for these poor souls. You can bring back the dead without consequence! Here's a challenge where you do just that.

1. Create your "Dr. Lazarus" who will laugh in the face of death and reclaim souls for the living. While Dr. Lazarus can be any age, sex, race, or trait combinations, I highly recommend giving them the Brave and Kleptomaniac traits to help with the challenge.

2. Place them in a town. Pick the town carefully, as some of the ghosts have been designed to look completely different than the living population and will retain a zombie-like appearance if resurrected. Unless, that's what you want. Sunset Valley and Riverview seem to be the only available towns without "corpse paint" on the deceased.

3. Collect the remains of former townsfolk. You can have anyone EXCEPT the people who died of old age. You can either steal them directly, buy out the graveyard and add the remains to the family inventory, or just spend every night in the graveyard and get to know those whose lives were cut short.

4. Once you have the remains in your possession It's time to wake the dead. There are a number of ways to do this:
A) Learn how to make Ambrosia and leave it out for the ghosts to eat.
B) Wait for the opportunity from the science lab
C) If you have Supernatural, have a Witch sim raise the dead and then cure them of zombieism with the Sunlight spell.

Once the dead have been resurrected, you can either add them to the active household (if they have no living relatives) or let them wander about town, trying to find their families. Either way, you get fun new neighbors, and the people of the town get to see their loved ones again. Wether or not that is a good thing is yet to be seen.

Ghost sdoj
4th Nov 2016, 1:56 AM
I haven't actually tried it as a challenge, but I've got a sim who was woohooing all the ghosts in the cemetery, and then reviving them so that he wouldn't lose track of which ones he already slept with. I hadn't fully realized that you could turn a ghost into a zombie and then cure the zombie, so I was growing deathfish on the omniplant and lifefruit bushes so I could leave several plates of ambrosia on the tables I added.

The challenge version sounds fun.