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30th Aug 2016, 9:12 PM
Hey guys!
Personally, I have always thought about making a challenge for the Sims.
Particularly stuff about raising kids and having them grow.
This is pretty much the modified version that can be seen as an easier way to go about it.
:!:I am NOT the original creator:!: Check out the link here for the original(idk if right link,plz tell me!)-))) http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=522606
Have 100 kids.

Create a founder(Female)
Create a male that fathers the kids
Randomize each of their traits. You are not allowed to choose.
Give them whatever clothes, hair, etc. you want!

-The most important rule is having fun. Don't force yourself!

-You are not allowed to adopt. This ruins the point of trying to get 100 babies, as it can happen easier.

-Once your founder is an elder, the last girl you had is the new founder.

-You are allowed to choose the trait the teen receives when aging up to being an adult.

-A young adult may move out, but may not have a job while in the house. When they are about to move out, you may choose a job for them.

-You may not have children with any other men except the male you made before.

-You cannot talk to any other people except the male you made and your children.

-You cannot age up Children and Teens until they have the grade A. The same goes for Toddlers with walking, potty-training, and talking.

-You can have whatever house/empty lot and add on to it :)

-Fertility Treatment is recommended, but not required.

-Please try not to cheat! Reset Sim is okay :)

-Boarding school is not allowed.

-Take care of your children!

-No watermelon or apples to determine the gender.

-No maid whatsoever

-Part-Time jobs for teens are optional

-The founder may not have a job, but can make money by selling paintings, guitar, etc.
The only way you fail is if you fail to have a new founder.