View Full Version : Save Sunset Valley!

21st Aug 2016, 5:37 PM
After many expansion and stuff packs, the original neighborhood of Sunset Valley looks a bit... dated. No fun hangouts, No complex characters, and a limited scope of things to do. Well, for those of you with multiple expansion/stuff packs or are mod-heavy, this challenge is for you!

Here is what you must do to set up:

1. Create the "Mayor" of Sunset Valley. This sim may be any age, gender, skin color, or use any stuff as their clothing be it from an expansion pack, stuff pack, or Mod.

2. Plonk them down in Sunset Valley. Preferably into a small starter home, but you can do wherever.

3. Delete any pre-set community buildings that weren't part of the original game.

4. Earn or Cheat to make sure the "Mayor" can never age.

5. Buy all the stuff you need to maximize skills on your home lot. You can do money cheats if you wish.

6. Turn on the timeline to ensure that the sims around the "Mayor" age at the fastest possible rate. While the Mayor is busy working on skills and taking care of themselves, the town around them will age and re-adjust to the timeframe.

7. Have the "Mayor" basically live life as a hermit, no forming strong relationships with anyone, maximizing the chosen skills, and only leaving the lot to acquire food or more books.

8. Once the Mayor has mastered all the skills you feel like making them study, it is time to slow down the time stream and make the town age normally (Or not at all). By this time, you will have noticed that the families in the town are quite different than what originally came with the town. This is where you must start.

So now that the people of Sunset Valley are thoroughly mixed up family-wise, clothing-wise, skill-wise, and personality-wise, we get to work modernizing the town and filling in the gaps that are normally filled via expansion packs. To begin, If you have the corresponding expansion packs, you must construct or install the following community lots:

World Adventures: Nectary, Chinese Garden, Academy

Ambitions: Junkyard, Laundromat, Consignment Store, Salon, Fire Hall.

Late Night: Movie studio Rabbithole.

Pets: Pet Store, Equestrian Center Rabbithole.

Showtime: None

Supernatural: Elixir consignment shop. Arboretum, Vault of antiquity, and Gypsy Wagon Rabbitholes.

University Life: None

Island Paradise: None

Into The Future: None

You must also Buy out and upgrade all the "packaged" community lots. From then on, it is a slow and arduous task to model the community of Sunset Valley into a modern metropolis. You must also adhere to the following rules:

-Your sim, the "Mayor" is to be the only immortal being in town. No lover, child, or anyone else is to become immortal like the mayor.

-Despite holding the title of "Mayor" your sim can explore any career they so desire.

-Once past the "training period" the mayor can hold relationships with any sim they choose.

-You may only destroy a home if there is no one already living in it.

-Progress of the Seasons is allowed.