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11th Sep 2016, 4:55 PM
This challenge was inspired by the 2016 presidential election and the "You're Hired! The Trump Challenge" (http://www.carls-sims-3-guide.com/challenges/thetrumpchallenge.php). I sincerely hope I haven't ripped anyone off.

The Challenge:
Part One
-Level 10 in the Business career by the adult life stage
-Own all properties in town
-Have 3 friends in the Journalism career
-Have 2 enemies in the Political/Science careers
-Be disliked by two coworkers, preferably below you

Part Two
-Master Charisma
-Reach 5 star celebrity status (LN) and/or have 5 rich friends
-Leave the Business career (this may be retirement if your trump is an elder) and join the Political career
-Advance through the Political career (Bonus if you can do it with your new coworkers hating you. Other sims are fair game, rich friends will come in handy now)
-Does he get the presidency? You decide!

Other Fun:
-Build a fabulous mansion. The "classier" the better.
-If you get married, every time your wife hits the adult stage divorce and land a new YA wife
-Sims doesn't have a way to be racist/ homophobic/ etc., but if you have SN and want to make him a supernatural skeptic go for it
-If you have University make him attend only the best schools. I don't know if this would work (I don't have UL) but Trump did go to Penn
-If you have Gen, all Trumps children may attend Smugsworth Prep
-Feel free to give yourself a starting bonus. Trump himself got a small loan of a million dollars, why shouldn't you?

I would love to see pics of all the "best" mansions and trophy wives you come up with!

3rd Nov 2016, 6:03 PM
cool sounds fun!

8th Nov 2016, 3:51 PM
Optional challenge- deport foreign sims living in the town back to their home worlds of Al Simhara, Champ Les Sims, or Shang Simla.

9th Nov 2016, 2:54 AM
Funny how I found this while watching the polls XD

11th Nov 2016, 3:48 AM
Optional add ons:
Orange skin
The Hair.

Any of the following traits:
commitment issues
hot headed
mean spirited

If you run out of money, this is what motherlode was made for.

Buy a home on the largest plot of land available (64 x 64) and BUILD A BIG, BEAUTIFUL, SOLID WALL.

Aggressively flirt with anyone that strikes your fancy. If they get the creeped out moodlet that's their problem.