View Full Version : Help adding slot on 3 tile desk

7th Aug 2016, 6:22 AM
So, I've been playing with conversions and trying to make this 3 tile desk functional, so far I've extended the footprint to 3 tiles and now I'm just trying to add one slot to this desk (so far its able to hold computers fine), which would be on the third tile but no matter what I do, the slot keeps moving the object to the opposite side of the desk and overlaps with a slot that's already there. I've checked the objd to see if maybe I linked the wrong instances for the slots and everything looks like its linked correctly. I've also tried changing the values in CRES to see if maybe i entered the wrong values, but no matter what i do the item still goes to the same spot. I've reread every single slot tutorial I could find but since this is an extended footprint, I'm not sure what to do anymore since most of the tutorials dont really cover this, and fisheye's is kinda hard to follow (I've only been playing with slots for a week so I'm a beginner at this for sure).

So basically, the footprint and the slots work fine, its just the slot that is supposed to be on the third tile wont place on that tile. I've attached pictures to show the issue.

I've also attached the package file to see if maybe a new set of eyes can see if there any hiccups. :cry:
Thanks in advance for the help!

8th Aug 2016, 8:42 AM
Are you hoping to be able to put usable computers on every tile of the desk? Or do you want a deco slot, or a slot that Sims can use (like a place for a phone to sit)? Delete all the excess lines in SLOT 130. If you are making a deco slot, you only need the one with with an I9 value of 13. If you want to put a phone on the slot, you'll want to save a routing line, as well, and take a closer look at fisheyes' tutorial for how to make it accessible to Sims.

Also the value of X in the CRES should be more like 2.0 than -3.0.