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12th Aug 2016, 8:57 PM
Okay. Let's begin.
BACKSTORY: You've always been a shy child, so high school was, in a sense, terrifying. However, there were plenty of other lonely people, ready to get some friends. You didn't need to come up to them, they came up to you, smiling welcomingly. You had no idea then, but that was when your life changed. Fast-forward to sophomore year. You've cracked your shell, and you're part of the group now. You've been through boyfriends, breakups, liars, bad grades, rude teachers, and so much more. You're closer than ever, and one sleepover, late at night, changes everything. You're braiding your hair quietly as the others get ready to go to sleep. One of your friends pulls up a page on her phone. The brightness is turned all the way down, but it's still bright. You squint as you read. "This new trend called a 'Bucket List' is growing more and more popular," you read aloud. "What in the world is a bucket list?" you ask her. She grins excitedly. "It's a list of things to do before you die." Another girl laughs. "That's not dark at all," she jokes sarcastically. "We should do it," you say. They look at you questioningly. "What?" one says. You smile a little. "All of us, together. We can make a bucket list."

DISCLAIMER: I made this with all girls in mind, but boys can be included in the squad as well :)

Basically, each squad member will get their own personal bucket list (corrseponding to their traits) and the entire squad gets a whole bucket list too.

Friend 1 - You
You're a pretty average girl. Your dream is to be a doctor, and you want to help everyone in any way you can.

- Genius, Good, Shy, Good Sense of Humor

Other Requirements:
- Have her wear glasses.

Friend 2: The Artsy Cruelty Free Girl
Save the animals, paint, and get as close to nature as possible.

- Good, Charismatic, Artistic, Loves the Outdoors

Other requirements:
- Must have a natural hair color
- No makeup (Sorry! :lol: )

Friend 3: The Mom/Matchmaker
She parties, she looks after her friends, and you will seriously regret it if you mess with her squad.

- Flirty, Party Animal, Charismatic, Athletic

Other Requirements:
- Must have the Super Popular LW
- Throws all parties
- Must change her hair colour at least ten times in her teen years
- Must change her hair colour twenty times in her YA years
- Should be reeeeeeally pretty

Friend 4: The Emo
She's the dark one that longs for the MCR reunion.

- Shy, Good Sense of Humor, Virtuoso, Heavy Sleeper

Other Requirements:
- Black hair
- Heavy eyeliner
- Listens to music at night while sleeping
- Does not have any friends outside the squad

Building the House:

Get the biggest lot you can get (don't forget to use freerealestate :3)

- Area for a pool +hot tub
- House for each member
- TV in each house
- Kitchen basement

In Friend 1's house:
- Desk
- Computer
- Blue/White Colour Scheme
- Bookshelves
- Second Level "Work Room"

In Friend 2's house:
- Telescope
- Easel
- Fishbowls
- Desk
- Computer
- Second Level "Creativity Room"
- Pink/Brown Colour Scheme

In Friend 3's House
- Mirrors
- Wardrobe
- Second Level "Sleepover Room"
- Lilac/White Colour Scheme

In Friend 4's House
- Guitar
- Piano
- Keyboard
- Drums
- Canopy Bed
- Second Level "Music Room"
- Black/Indigo Colour Scheme

Now, the part you've all been waiting for...
The Bucket List:
Each friend can complete each item once.
Some items will have additional requirements.
Five points every time you complete an item

Master the guitar skill
Get matching sunglasses for the squad
Look at the stars
Go to a nightclub with the squad
Start a band
Have a picnic in a park
Buy a squad vacation house
must be in another neighborhood
Become a three-star celebrity
Have a pool party
See a ghost (Five points more if you have a relationship with the person whose ghost it is)
Bake a cake
Become a doctor
Have a party on the beach
Must have invited at least ten people (This can include the squad)
Change your hair colour
Go to the spa
Throw a birthday party
Must have invited at least ten people (This can include the squad)
Get matching tattoos with the squad
Start a community garden
Become a partner at a community park and start a garden there.
Paint something worth over 200$
Skinny dip
Meet a celebrity (Five points more if you impress them)
Go to a concert with the squad
Master the piano/keyboard skill
Become an astronaut
Fulfill your lifetime wish
Attend a wedding
Eat only pizza for the whole week
Kiss in the rain
Get a lake house
Throw an amazing party
Must have invited at least ten people (This can include the squad)
Move in with all the squad in an apartment
By apartment, I mean high-rise building in Bridgeport.
Learn to paint
Get married
Have a one-night stand
Woohoo with someone you just met at either a party or a club
Graduate with honors
Have a pool day
Drink every coffee-type drink
Throw a ball-type party
Have a child

If you want to continue, you can have more children and have them be the new squad.
If you finish with more than 60 points, you won! Congrats!

Yay! Have fun!

The Sims Challenger
11th Sep 2016, 12:20 PM
Seems interesting... I may have to try this.

17th Sep 2016, 6:19 PM
Wow, an actual original challenge that I might like :)
I have a few questions though.
Can I make them all live together?
Can I start with them at kids, and slowly see them grow?