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Choco Livey
9th Aug 2016, 9:11 PM
This challenge is loosely based off the Divergent Challenge just so you know (I don't want angry people in the comments saying I'm "ripping off" the Divergent Challenge)
Enough rambling lets move on :rofl:

The rich families of (Insert town name here) have taken over and controlled everything; the army, the police, the freedom of speech and even the food supply to families who are less fortunate than them. Having been a former rich kid yourself and seeing what money can do to people you decide that you and your two siblings should lead the revolution against the rich, by taking their snobby, bratty children and teaching how corrupt their families are. However you quickly discover that not everyone is the same and everyone cannot fight in the army so you decide to create five classes, each class has specific roles to do and specific skills to learn.
Will you overthrow the rich? Or will the rich remain in power?

Mods needed
Nrass Portrait Panel (If you want more recruits)
Home school (Or you can delete the school :cool: )
What ever you feel is necessary

Lifespan: Set Children to 30 days, Teen to 30 days, YA and Adult to 45 days, everything else is the same

The Leader: The oldest out of the three siblings. They were pushed around a lot as a child as their parents didn't want them. Leads the revolution against the rich and has her own army. Should look very military like, confident with a bit of sass. Ideal traits are: Athletic, Brave, Handy, Rebellious, No Sense of Humour, Unflirty, Proper.
The Teacher: The middle child out of the siblings. They were the favourite for about 5 minutes then they were pushed out like their older sibling. Teaches children before their test. Should look smart but not too smart. Ideal traits are: Genius, Bookworm, Friendly, Workaholic, Ambitious
The Carer: The youngest sibling. They were a mistake according to their parents so they were sent to a church school but their siblings managed to find them. They look after the toddlers and babies in the nursery as well as talk to children if they have any problems. Ideal traits are: Friendly, Family Orientated, Nurturing, Green Thumb, Artistic, Good

Base Camp
It needs to look a little bit like a military base but it doesn't have to look like it 100%. However you will need:
A dining room and kitchen
Dorms for the classes
Skill rooms for the classes
A classroom where children learn before their test
Individual bedrooms for the siblings
A nursery
A computer room
Beds by the door (See Arrivals)

There are 5 classes: Aymen, Wymen, Asten, Berthen and Arla. Each class have different roles to play when it comes to the revolution and they are all just important as each other.

Arla- They are the caretakers. They look after babies and toddlers and are generally peaceful people. When they are not looking after children they are listening to music, painting, gardening and watching Disney movies. Their involvement in the revolution is that they grow crops and give them to poor families affected by the rich families taking over the food supply. Arlas never fight. They dress in loose, comfortable, brightly coloured clothes and their dorm is brightly decorated. Makeup and jewellery are allowed. Their skill room should have objects such as the easel, musical instruments, toys for all ages, a big TV and lots of sofas (For all those Disney movie marathons). Their privilege is that they get to watch TV for longer than the other classes but their restriction is that they have to stay at home when attacks are happening. Ideal traits are: Artistic, Virtuoso, Coward, Family Orientated, Nurturing, Green Thumb, Gatherer, Friendly, Natural Cook, Neat

Berthen- They are the people who have a way with words. They spend hours writing about the truth behind the rich families and aim to expose their dirty secrets. Their involvement with the revolution is that they write articles that expose the secrets of the rich and publish them for the world to see, as well as campaigning for the freedom of speech to be reinstated. They wear normal clothes and their dorm has piles of books everywhere but apart from that, their dorm is pretty normal. Makeup and jewellery are allowed if they want to wear it. Their skill room should have desks, bookshelves and laptops. Their privilege is that they get their own laptops and do not have to use the ones in the computer room but their restriction is that they can't be outside as long as everyone else is (e.g. if everyone gets 2 hours of free time outside, Berthen can only spend 1 hour outside as they have to write) Ideal traits are: Bookworm, Artistic, Perfectionist, Hates the outdoors, Workaholic, Ambitious, Photographers eye, Computer Wiz

Asten- The smart ones. They spend their time making each other smarter than they were before. Their involvement in the revolution is that they hack and expose what the rich families were planning to do e.g. overthrow the mayor, raise taxes ever higher. They wear clothes that would be practical for experiments and their dorm is kept clean and doesn't have much decoration. Makeup and jewellery are not allowed as it is not practical for an experiment. Their skill room should have chess tables, chemistry stations and brain experiment stations. Their privilege is that they get to eat and use showers first as they work so hard but their restriction is that as they work so hard on experiments, they can only socialise with other classes for 2 hours a day. Ideal traits are: Genius, Bookworm, Eccentric, Computer Wiz, Ambitious, Workaholic

Wymen- The business people. They are the ones who practise speeches for 5 hours a day and spend forever working on introductions. Their involvement with the revolution is that with the help from the other classes, they are the ones who can overthrow rich families' businesses and takeover in a heartbeat as they can blackmail the families with their secrets. They wear clothes that are professional for the workplace on the weekdays but on the weekends they can wear whatever clothes they want. Makeup and jewellery is allowed but it must be subtle. Their skill room should be filled with mirrors and career items so they can get their performance up quicker. Their privilege is that they get to socialise with other classes for longer but their restriction is that they eat last as they talk so much and never stop. Ideal traits are: Charismatic, Friendly, Social Butterfly, Party Animal, Workaholic, Ambitious

Aymen- The sporty people. They are the ones who exercise constantly and do the most physical work as well as being the leader's favourite class. Their involvement with the revolution is that they fight the rich and defend everyone else at camp. They wear clothes that are athletic and mainly black while their dorm is usually messy as they are too busy to tidy up. Makeup is allowed but not jewellery. Their skill room should contain lots of exercise equipment and look a bit like a gym. Their privilege is that they get to spend more time outdoors then any other class but their restriction is that they have less time using leisure activities e.g. watching TV. Ideal traits are: Athletic, Brave, Daredevil, Adventurous, Loves the Outdoors, Hot Headed

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 3pm and 6pm you have the opportunity to travel to the rich houses and have the chance to take their children. But it's not as easy as you think! You must gain the trust of the parents so they'll more likely believe you. After gaining their trust you can take their child away from them while they're oblivious to your true intentions. As soon as you arrive back at camp, the child must change out of their rich clothes and put on plain clothes that do not fit the description of any of the classes. Until they have done their test and been assigned a class, they must sleep in the beds by the door. On the other days the teenagers can go "visit" their parents in a hope to rescue younger siblings, they can also kill their parents if they want to. As soon as babies and toddlers age up they must go through the same process as arrivals.

After 15 days have past on the child stage, the child can take the test to determine what class they are in. Open up a random number generator and type in the numbers 1-100, when you get the number it will determine what class they are in:
1-20 Arla
21-40 Berthen
41-60 Asten
61-80 Wymen
81-100 Aymen
After that, they can change out of their plain clothes and dress in the clothes according to their class and learn the appropriate skills. If they also had the snob trait, you can remove it.

Winning and Losing
You win the challenge if:
You take over all the major businesses in town
You have at least 20 YA graduate the camp
Have 10 YA reach level in appropriate class careers
BONUS WIN: If you kill all the rich people

You lose if:
Any children are taken away the social worker
The repo man visits
The leader dies without any heir

The heir can be the leader's child or the leader's favourite student. Or any other person who you thinks deserves it.
Teen romance and pregnancy is allowed but don't over use it.

I'd love to see your pictures and your suggestions as I haven't got a proper point scoring system. I hope you enjoy this challenge
Love Olivia xx :llama: :bunny:

Choco Livey
8th Apr 2017, 2:59 PM
I'm looking back at this and thinking "WTF did I create?!!"

Dead Guest
19th May 2017, 9:32 PM
I do like this idea, but I'm a bit confused - how do you take other sims' children? Use a cheat once you've reached a certain level of friendship?