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7th Aug 2016, 9:36 PM
Sim Self Challenge:
If you are like any other Simmer sometimes The Sims becomes an obsession, all you can think about it Sims, all you dream about is Sims and all you talk about is Sims…sometimes you catch yourself wishing you could speak the Sim language fluently…no well okay then maybe it is just me. Anyways that is where this Challenge originates from, our obsession.
You are playing the Sims and find yourself somehow sucked into the game (cliché I know) except you’re not in the part of the game you were just playing you are somewhere else. You are in a place you really don’t know much about. It feels weird being cartoonish and just standing there waiting for someone to tell you what to do…oh wait story progression was on and so was free will so you can move about freely which is fantastic because well since you’re in the game there is no one out there to tell you what to do. You think to yourself “Well this is what I wanted so let’s try it out.” You look up and see a thought bubble with an icon of yourself in it… “This is cool” you say but it comes out “Whippna Choba Dog!” You rush your hand to your mouth and realize you speak Similish, you jump up and kick your heels together this is going to be so much fun.

The Challenge:
Okay so let’s set some ground rules:
1) No cheating, after all no one is controlling the game now to type “testingcheatsenabled true” or to use any other cheats so nope not allowed.
2) No changing your sim in CAS (cheating) once you build your Simself, if you want to change their look do it in the mirror or with a dresser.
3) Don’t die. No seriously if your Sim dies in the game it’s over…like really over
Phew now that’s out of the way let’s get into the fun part, the goals and how to get started.
First you have to make a Simself for you (obviously after all it is called the Simself Challenge). We all know you’ve done it before “nope never” okay either your lying or you are in denial anyways…You cannot use an already made Simself you have to make a new one but there are rules to that too…I know we all hate rules but meh.
1) Your Simself needs to look as close to you as possible (hair/cloths/body size/personality etc)
2) You must make your Simself wear what you are wearing right now…or rather what you are wearing when you start the challenge, I know I know not everything can be found in the Sims so just find something close and edit it the best you can.
3) Your Simself must have their hair exactly as you have yours when you start. If your hair is up their hair has to be up, if your hair is down their hair has to be down remember you were teleported into the game
4) If you are wearing your PJ’s right now, well I guess you have to play the game in your PJ’s (just make your sim change outfit when you start the game)
5) Your Simself must be your age. The only exception is if you are a child or a teenager (they cannot do half of the tasks in the game by themselves) so make Simself a YA but still make it as close to your appearance as possible.
You cannot make anyone else in the game with you, no additional sims in your Simself family, no pets because you were the only one sucked into the game.
Alright for the next part, I know I know just get to the challenge already. Okay here we go. Your challenge, should you accept it, is to escape your game but first you complete all the tasks set forward.
“But how do I get out of the game???”
That is a good question, its easy play “The Sims” on your PC in the game…I think it is only an option on the more expensive computer. If this option does not come up for you well…I will have to think about it then.
“That’s easy, not much of a challenge…I am outta here.”
Hold on hold on I said that first you have to complete some tasks didn’t I, now stick around if you want to hear more… … … You’re still here great let’s continue.
You must partake in ALL of your expansions (Stuff packs do not count). I mean every single Sims 3 expansion you have so if you have them all like I do you’re in for a long long game. So you probably are thinking “Well that’s vague.” Yes yes it is, sheesh you people are impatient. Keep reading for what your supposed to do in each expansion.
1) None Expansion Tasks:
-Before you start the game put your previous Simself into this world using edit town. If you do not have a previous Simself then make one.
-Meet and befriend your Simself by either going to their house or meeting them in the world

2) World Adventures:
-You must visit ALL of the worlds
-You must visit one tomb in all of the worlds you visit
-You must make one male and one female friend in all of the worlds

3) Ambitions:
-You must take on one career and actually partake in the actions required by that career
-Bonus: you can reach the top of the career but that might take a while

4) Late Night:
-You must go to a nightclub and party till it closes
-You must try out the Bubble Machine ( I think that is what it is called)
-You must ride the subway
-Bonus: befriend a vampire

5) Generations:
-Throw a wicked party (I suggest making some friends first)
-Have a Pillow Fight
-Use a waterslide

6) Pets:
-Catch critters in the wild
-Have a pet (cat/dog/bird but it has to be a pet you already have IRL (in real life) if you do not have any pets IRL then what kind of pet would you want)
-See a deer in the wild
-See a wild horse
-Bonus: see a Unicorn

7) Showtime:
-Perform on a stage
-Go to a performance
-Bonus: take on a Showtime career and ditch your ambitions career

8) Supernatural:
-Befriend one of every single supernatural (minus the Zombie because we know that’s not possible)
-Use an Alchemy station
-Bonus: Marry a supernatural, because in the game it’s not cheating

9) Seasons:
-Take part in EVERY single activity each season offers from snowman building to carving a pumpkin and everything. You might want to make some friends first so when you host a party you’re not all alone. Aliens are part of this expansion too.
-Go to every single festival for each Season and take part in ALL of the activities they offer

Winter: snowman / igloo / snowball fight / ice skating / gift party / snow angel making / snowboarding / decorate with holiday themed decorations / kiss under the mistletoe (optional) / swim in cold water

Fall: get a pumpkin from the festival / bob for apples / carve a jack-o-lantern / throw a costume party / pie eating contest / rake leaves / throw a feast party / Purchase a Fall food from the food stand

Summer: hotdog eating contest / water balloon fight / roller skating / face painting / eat a snow cone / play soccer / fire off a firework / get a spray tan / purchase a Summer food from the food stand

Spring: pick flowers (there are 9 types pick them all) / go on an egg hunt / use the kissing booth / use the love tester machine / play horseshoes / send a love letter / purchase a Spring food from the food stand

-Meet an alien and become their friend. Tidbit: Aliens have a chance to visit each night between 12am and 3am
- Aliens have a 5% chance of visiting. Collect 5 space rocks and store them on your lot it will give aliens +15% additional chance to come to your lot. If an Alien doesn't visit your home lot, there's a 20% chance each night they'll appear somewhere around the neighbourhood and leave behind a few space rocks.
-Bonus: Marry an Alien instead of a supernatural or have one move in with you

10) University:
-Go to University for one term (shortest one there is) for something you personally would enjoy.
-Live in either: a dorm / Sororities or fraternity depending on your gender
-Visit every single University community lot:
University Hangout / Student Union / B's Bowlarama / Keith's Komics /
Roasted Toasted Beans Coffee Shop / The Grotto
-Build your rep with a social group that best defines you
-Join a protest
-Convince a roommate to do something (you have to be their friend first)
-Go to as many parties as you can while in University
-Do a Juice stand
-Use a street art kit (you might get caught by the cops)
-Smartphone: Take a selfie / send a text message / browse the web / Start a blog / Stream a video
-Play Bowling / Ping Pong / Juice Pong / Frisbee
-Collect herbs / insects
Bonus: do these interactions: Heat of the Moment Kiss / Juiced Kiss / Cinnamon Kiss

11) Island Paradise: Some tasks are not available depending on which lot you choose, for example most worlds other than the one that comes with this expansion does not have houseboats so anything that cannot be obtained in the world you are in skip through.
- Use a houseboat or move into one
-Go scuba diving and snorkelling
-Befriend a Mermaid
-Explore an underwater cave
-Visit a resort
-Go boating / water-skiiing / windsurfing
-Bonus: run a resort

12) Into The Future:
-Travel into the future
-Befriend a bot
-Build or purchase a bot
-Use: the Hoverboard / jetpack / monorails / hovercar (if you can)/ sleep in a dreampod / holographic TVs / food synthesizers / laser rythimacon / use the all-in-one bathroom / sonic shower / food replicator /
-Meet your descendants and become friends
-Holodisc Sprite clean / talk to it
-check out all of the Legacy statues
-Bot-Arena: watch a plumbot competition / compete in a plumbot competition
-City Hall: check out the lottery records / watch a digiblast show
-Observatory: explore Zero-G / take some classes
-Collect as many as you want: Crystal plants / Nanites
Bonus: Experience all of the versions of the future (this will take a LONG time)

Phew that took a long time but there you have it the tasks…now for the rest of the Challenge.

“Wait there is more???? This is insane.”

Yes yes it is insane but that’s okay because we are all a little crazy now and again. Now back to the main goal here and that is to get home.

“Actually I am quite enjoying my time here, the bills are small, the people are nice, and life is pretty darn simple I think I might stick around a while.”

Oh boy! Well for those who do want to return to reality (though I don’t know why anyone would want to do something crazy like that) all you need to do now is play the Sims game on your PC and poof your home. Simple right…told you it would be easy to get home. Now during all of this I hope you realize that you have to build a house and obtain funds of some sort I did not put that as a task because well it’s not the primary goal but it should be obvious right?

-Get married in your game; it isn’t cheating since it is another reality after all
-Have a child with your spouse, but they cannot come back to the real world with you so make sure the dad is fine with raising them on his own since once you return home you can never come back.
-Get to Elder stage and then use the youth potion to be restored to your youth.

8th Aug 2016, 10:26 PM
Sim Self Challenge:
If you are like any other Simmer sometimes The Sims becomes an obsession, all you can think about it Sims, all you dream about is Sims and all you talk about is Sims…sometimes you catch yourself wishing you could speak the Sim language fluently…
Totally me!

10th Aug 2016, 1:45 PM
Totally gonna try it. Sounds like so much fun. If this is your first Challenge then you are really good and do more challenges. LOVE IT :)

Choco Livey
10th Aug 2016, 9:02 PM
Love this!! I'll defiantly try it out