View Full Version : The Immortal Baby Machine Challenge

28th Jul 2016, 9:59 PM
The idea is a combination of the Sims 3 100 Baby Challenge and The Family Man Challenge. Create a sim, make him immortal using one of the many methods and eventually have had him married to every sim in Sunset Valley, as well as fathering every child possible with those sims.


The lifespan can not be anything lower than normal. Your sim's spouse should age normally. You can, however, have aging off, and kill them by any means necessary, but if you do so, you can only kill them after five children. Why five? Because that is how many it takes to fulfill the life goal.
I will allow any other type of cheats, except money cheats. That is the challenge. Only your sim can work because your spouse will be too busy being pregnant all the time.
Your sim can only be married to one spouse at a time, and the pregnancy should happen naturally. No mods, cheats, or buts about it.
You can use other towns, instead of Sunset V.

Like stated, have an immortal sim and have him slowly marry through the entire town. I recommend Nrass Debug Enabler if aging is set on. It can resurrect sims from their gravestones. With aging on, I also recommend the master controller mod. Unfortunately, when sims die outside your household, their graves get sent to the mausoleum. To get them out of the mausoleum, you have to have this mod (me thinks, its better to be safe than sorry)
All the children! Have them all! Be thankful, this was going to be a legacy-like challenge, until I realized..incest. Its bound to happen in towns. However, if you're like me and you decided to go to the wiki page in hopes of some sort of plan, your son would probably marry his aunt, grandpa, or grandmother, maybe even sibling. Anyway, have as many as possible. Use the fertility mods.
I understand that having so many sim children can crash, lag, and bug up your game, which is why you should get MASTER CONTROLLER. It can instantly kill any sims you want, it won't matter. The debug Enabler can bring them back when you need them. I plan on throwing purges of the elderly, and the toddlers that didn't sprout from my genetics. Not all them, as diversity. It really shouldn't get as bad as it would in 100 baby challenge or the family man challenge, as it is a much longer challenge, so the children should be spaced out enough, and the elderly die quickly. I am making a sim that has certain attributes that if his children have, or do not have, it decides their fate. Have fun with the challenge :)