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28th Jul 2016, 9:57 PM
(You will need to own these expansion packs to do this challenge: Ambitions, Generations, University Life)

STORY: If someone were to meet you on the street they would think that you're just an ordinary citizen of Gotham. This was mostly true up until very recently. I say "mostly" because A) you've been The Riddler's best friend for quite some time and B) you're a thief. Anyways, it was only yesterday that you broke Riddler out of Arkham. He was oddly grateful about that, so he offered you an opportunity you couldn't refuse; the oppurtunity to become infamous in Gotham City. He said that he knew somebody who could help you accomplish that so you accepted his offer. He then happily made you follow him into The Bowery and there is where he introduced you to Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman. He told Selina to help you create a name for yourself and she complied. You still don't know how he made her do that but you're still thankful. Selina showed you to an abandoned factory and gave you tips on how to be known. The factory had apparently been used by some other big player in Gotham because there were a decent amount of air mattress beds in the front room. The previous guy had taken all of his other stuff with him, though. You are now waking up on an air mattress telling yourself that you are ready to do this.

(Note: You can basically make your character's backstory anything you want as long as you somehow get them into a friendship with Riddler)

YOUR SIM: Your Sim's gender, looks, and clothes do not matter. Your Sim must, however, be a young adult. Oh, your sim must have the traits Ambitious, Evil, and Kleptomaniac. The other two traits are up to you.

GOALS OF THE CHALLENGE: Recruit ever villain from the list and have 100,000 simoleons.

THE VILLAIN LIST AND RECRUITING REQUIREMENTS: (Okay, once you've completed these requirements you'll want to turn on testingcheatsenabled, shift-click the sim, go to editing them in create a sim, change their name, remove the good trait if they have it, and at least make them be somewhat like their batman counterpart. The exception to the last part of that is George. After you've done all of those things add the sim to your household and you're done.)

George (this guy is your security): Become friends with a male sim. That's literally it.
The Riddler: Get a computer that isn't the cheapest one, get a car, have 1,000 simoleons
Harley Quinn: Get a trampoline, get a loveseat, and have 5,000 simoleons.
Mr. Freeze: get the most expensive fridge, get a telescope, have 10,000 simoleons.
Killer Croc: have a pool that is at least 6x6, have 20,000 simoleons.
Scarecrow: get a chemistry table, get a science research station, have 35,000 simoleons.
Bane: get a motorcycle, have 50,000 simoleons.

CREATING YOUR HIDEOUT: (Or basically just the objects to put in it before you start the challenge. Once you start the challenge you can put whatever you want in your hideout.)

- The second cheapest fridge
- The cheapest stove
- Two counters
- Eight sleeping bags
- Two non-dining chairs
- A TV
- Two of the cheapest showers
- A dining table that can seat six people
- Six dining chairs for said dining table
- Two of the cheapest toilets
- Two of the cheapest sinks (you may do one that requires a counter as long as it's the cheapest one you can put in a counter)
- A desk with a chair


- The only way to gain money is by stealing an item and then selling said stolen item. (If you want to get rid of an item I would recommend turning on testingcheatsenabled, shift-clicking the object, and deleting it like that.)
- You may not use any cheats unless you are getting rid of an item or editing a sim to turn them into a villain that you've just recruited.
- Once you've made your hideout, you must set your family funds to 0.
- If the repoman ever comes you've lost
- If any services people come you've lost (yes, you have to cancel the newspaper delivery).
- If any sim in your household dies, you've lost
- You may not return any stolen items (I don't know why you would do that in the first place though.)