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28th Jul 2016, 9:55 PM
Many years ago, the four groups lived in harmony together, helping eachother. But now, everything has changed... Growing up, the four best friends have always heard how they weren't good for eachother, how their friendship was dangerous, and that somebody was going to get hurt. Now, they have become outcasts. The most painful part? Their own families rejected them, only because they wanted to be happy. Together, the four sims takes a chance, fall in love and build a life. Break the cold ice between witches, fairies, werewolves and vampires! It is possible, if you only believe in yourself!

Getting started

1. Create four sims - two females and two males, two couples. They do not have to be married, but they have to be romantically involved. They can have any looks and traits, but one must be a witch, one a fairy, one a werewolf and one a vampire. I recommend following traits: Family Oriented, Supernatural Fan, Nurturing, Neat, Natural Cook, Artistic.

2. Move the sims into the city. I highly recommend Moonlight Falls or any other city with a majority of supernatural sims. There are no special rules on how your sims' house should be, just don't use any cheats!

3. Now you're ready to get into the game!


Your goal is to have at least one child of each supernatural breed, meaning that your sims have to have at least four children (2 for each couple) that will continue to be heirs. You win the challenge when you have reached generation 10.


- No cheats!
- No relationships with humans!
- You may have a partner, but he/she may not move in.
- You may have children with someone that is not of your supernatural breed, but your heir has to be the same kind of supernatural as you. Example: if you are a witch and you have a child with a fairy, your child has to be a witch.
- You can move from your previous generation.
- Deciding gender of your babies with apples and watermelons is not allowed!
- You have to have two boys and two girls as heirs for the next generation. Example: you have one vampire boy and the others are witch girl, werewolf girl, werewolf boy and fairy girl. Since there are no room for three girls or three boys, you have to make the werewolf boy heir instead of the girl. Two boys. Two girls.
- You are allowed to have a job.

Good luck! :bunny: