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28th Jul 2016, 9:55 PM
Your mission, should you accept it is to return life to yet another desolate planet, this time though the planet is dying because the creatures that live there don’t care about their world, these creatures are called “humans” they are fleshy creatures obsessed with material things and artificial foods. Their planet is nearing its last days of existence and all they seem to be doing is blundering around pillaging and fighting among one another. I am sending you ______________as you are my best operative and I think that you alone can bring this land to life.
But why would we want to return life to these “humans” if all they will do is destroy their planet again?
You are to mate with these creatures, as is our way, and produce worthy offspring. Your offspring will repopulate this desolate earth with a new worthy race of being’s part human part us. Here is a guidebook as to what your mission entails. *hands over instruction manual
Am I to do this alone then? That will take eons, and it is literally impossible to repopulate a planet on my own. *takes instruction manual*
Your offspring will create more offspring with the Humans and they will be debriefed on the rules as well, luckily our people grow quickly you will not have to wait ions for your offspring to grow and become old enough to venture on their own. They all must be given a copy of the guidebook and have a microchip implanted in them so that we can monitor what they are doing and make sure they are not falling into the ways of the humans. Now read your manual, you leave tomorrow.
*Opens Manual and sighs*

This challenge might be easier to do as a female sim but if you choose to be a male sim it will definitely be more difficult as you cannot control the “host” sim that is carrying your hopeful perfect specimen. However, if you choose to be a male sim you must use cheats and force add the offspring to your household due to the way this challenge works, alright let’s get to it.

The Challenge:
Hello, welcome to my challenge, I hoped you like that little intro there I really hope this inspires stories as I personally love reading and writing sims stories. This is sort of a mix between perfect genetics and the amazon challenge with a little bit of 100 babies thrown in for good measure. Here is a how this challenge works, your job is to make an “alien” sim he or she can look however you wish but must have as many of the desirable traits as possible and none of the undesirable ones. You are to mate with the humans in your world and create the perfect specimen of offspring and as they grow old enough you have to send them out into the world to keep populating. How do you determine if an offspring is perfect? Well that’s easy, your offspring must have no less than 3 of the desirable traits for them to be worthy of repopulating the planet and they must have none of the un-desirable traits. Oh but what are these traits you ask, well here they are: *note some traits will be expansion related *

Neutral traits: (you can have any of these you want on-top of the Desirable Traits)
Animal Lover / Avant Garde / Born Salesman / Bot Fan / Can’t Stand Art / Cat Person / Daredevil / Dog Person / Easily Impressed / Equestrian / Excitable / Flirty / Good Sense of Humor / Great Kisser / Heavy Sleeper / Hopeless Romantic / Light Sleeper / Loves the Cold / Loves the Heat / Loves to Swim / Natural Born Performer / Never Nude / Night Owl / No Sense of Humor / Photographer’s Eye / Sailor / Savvy Sculptor / Schmoozer / Shy / Star Quality / Un-flirty / Vehicle Enthusiast / Virtuoso / Workaholic

Desirable Traits:
Adventurous / Ambitious / Angler / Artistic / Athletic / Brave / Bookworm / Charismatic / Computer Whiz / Disciplined / Eccentric / Eco-Friendly / Family Oriented / Friendly / Frugal / Gatherer / Genius / Good / Green Thumb / Handy / Irresistible / Loves the Outdoors / Lucky / Natural Cook / Neat Nurturing / Perceptive / Perfectionist / Proper / Social Butterfly / Supernatural Fan / Vegetarian /

Un-Desirable Traits:
Absent Minded / Brooding / Childish / Clumsy / Commitment Issues / Couch Potato / Coward / Dislikes Children / Diva / Dramatic / Evil / Grumpy / Hates the Outdoors / Hot Headed / Hydrophobic / Inappropriate / Insane / Kleptomaniac / Loner / Loser / Mean Spirited / Mooch / Neurotic / Over-Emotional / Party Animal / Rebellious / Shy / Slob / Snob / Socially Awkward / Supernatural Skeptic / Technophobe / Unlucky / Unstable /

Getting Started: Now that you have your “Alien” created its time to get into the details of this challenge. You can set aging to whatever you want, but your Alien must never grow old at least not until their mission is done. If they do grow old or die during their mission the challenge is over and the human race is doomed (though they are sort of doomed anyways since we are technically breeding away most of the human genetics). Your “Alien” must be a YA to start and can be anything you want, if you have supernatural you can make it a supernatural being that choice is 100% yours have fun with it and make him/her unique.

Setting Up: First you need to pick a world, any world of your choice. Second you need to remove almost every single sim from the world, don’t worry tourists always appear so you won’t have limited “stock” for mating you are allowed to mate with the same human as often as you want. Third you can do one of two things A) Remove all businesses and places of importance like career locations pretty much everything that would not exist in a dying world. OR B) Leave the buildings but do not interact or use them, as they will be “unlocked” along the way. This choice is yours.

How to unlock areas: To unlock an area you need to produce the perfect specimen. When you move one of your offspring out into the world you may choose which building you want access to first you give your offspring a job at that building and then you move them out, they will “own and run” that building. For every single offspring you produce you can unlock something new. If that seems a bit much and too easy to obtain you can change it up and say for every offspring that is the same gender as your “alien” you can unlock a building, or after X# of offspring are ready to move out you can employ them all at that building and then unlock it, this part is up to you. I would love for your input on this part of the challenge.

The Rules:
-TRAITS MUST BE RANDOMIZED FOR OFFSPRING, NO CHOOSING YOUR OWN TRAITS other than via the Mid Life Crisis lifetime points purchase.
-Your “Mission Sim” cannot have a job but you can use the money cheat to give them 20,000 after you purchase a house or a piece of land on top of whatever is left in the bank from buying the home (your home planet wants you to be comfortable enough to return life to this planet they don’t want you to be in need of the human currency that makes the world run). Make your home as normal or abnormal as you like, need a bit more funds to finish setting up the house then go ahead and add a bit more money (no more than another 5-10k)
-Turn off Zombies in the world if you have supernatural, but you can keep all other supernatural beings. This can only be done by a mod, if you don’t want to mod that is fine then just ignore the zombies as they appear.
-No cheating except: pregnancy ones are allowed ONLY if it speeds up the pregnancy you are not allowed to use the pregnancy cheat to make a sim pregnant, determine the sex of the baby or anything else other then make the pregnancy go by faster after-all you are a supreme being. The money cheat is allowed as set out by the challenge rules/game-play.
-You can mate with as many sims as you want, or as little sims as you want but the offspring must have 3 Desirable traits minimum.
-Age your offspring up as quickly as you want, or let them live their lives at a normal pace that choice is up to yours except if your spawn is “undesirable” (see below for details)
-When you have offspring you must follow these rules for each one:

1. By the time the infant is a child they must have at least one desirable trait, if not then you either:
a) Kill the child off by whatever means you want
b) Lock the child away and let social services take it away
c) Age the child up right away to Teen and see what traits they get, if they still do not have at least 1-2 desirable traits then make them your household servant, they will do the cooking and the cleaning and taking care of the other offspring as they come along. When the Teen becomes YA you have to either kill them off or move them out to another planet (which means you move them to another town if that is possible or go into edit town and split household and move them to the sim bin)
2. Once the child is a teen they must have at least 1 more desirable traits (meaning by now they should have 2) if they do you must now make sure they earn enough lifetime points to use the mid-life crisis reward and force them to have the 3rd desirable trait. If they already have 3 of the desirable traits, then the mid-life crisis is not necessary. Before this offspring leaves your home they MUST have at least 3 desirable traits.
3. If your offspring end up having ANY undesirable traits at any time regardless of their desirable traits you must either:
a) Kill them
b) Send them to another planet if YA (which means you move them to another town if that is possible or go into edit town and split household and move them to the sim bin)
c) Lock them up in a basement if not YA until they are old enough to send away, give them a Room with basic necessities like bathroom /fridge / stove / bed / books but you are not to control them if they die so be it they are unwanted anyways
d) If they have enough lifetime points purchase Midlife crisis and change their trait

-You may keep up to 3 perfect specimen children in your home and have them pro-create before sending them to their own home if you like, the same rules apply to the offspring of the specimens.
-When your perfect specimen is a YA they must take a career at one of the professional buildings to unlock it (see unlocking above)
-You are allowed to cheat in $5,000 per perfect specimen that you send out to the world (that includes their offspring so if you keep a specimen in your house and they have 2 perfect offspring then you have just earned $15,000)
-Your “Mission Alien” is NOT allowed to get married, this is a mission not a permanent place to live, flirt, court do whatever necessary to generate offspring but you are not to go steady or get married, the same goes for your perfect specimens that are sent out into the world they must be sent into the world single what they do after is beyond your control.
-This challenge can be endless if you want however, for those who want an end then when you have produced at least twelve “Perfect Specimen” and sent them into the world you have successfully completed your Mission and may return home.

Please share your Sims from this Challenge with me I would LOVE to see them. Share this challenge with your Simming friends I would love to see lots of people using it. If you make a story out of it let me know and share the story, I would LOVE to read it.

22nd Aug 2016, 11:49 PM
Is sad to not see an answer so i decided to try this challenge, hope i'm not too late

Meet Tina TonKiaEndo from the Candorian Empire
-Supernatural Fan
Candorians are an alien race from a moon in a gas giant Papurus4 called Candoros. This race is composed from only women that has to procreate with other species. They have stumps instead of arms, they use instead telekinesis to handle things. Also their unproportionate bodies are almost all covered by hair, except for her breasts, feet and tummies. The gravity of candoros is 21.4 and that's why they have that aspect ratio. They feature also horse tails and her stumped arms generate a magical pair of wings that allow them to hover a bit. Their soles are more sensitive than human ones, which makes wearing shoes more unbearable for them, instead they trend to use either reinforced toed socks or nothing, but if climate is too harsh they will wear shoes. Instead of hair in their heads they feature leaves.

The first thing a Candorian must do before landing in a planet with equal or less than 10g (I suposse sims also have the 9.81g we feature) Is to use this strange gadget that looks like a ballerina bar, this ensures that they don't end flying up kilometers into the air as soon as they step the surface of such planets. Also just in case, a bit of training in the pool is recomended so she can deal with the low gravity.

This is a Candorian Drill Prehab, a transformable ship that can funcion either as a house or as a ship. The drill also transforms into stairs to guarantee access to the upper floors once instaled, the drill is used to create basements basicaly. Candorians economy rellies on nectar making more than any other thing.

The first male of the human species Tina met was a weird looking guy, however they just become friends and could not be anymore, maybe the fact of her blue skin or her excess of bodyhair uninspired him... so Tina need to go out and find someone worthy.
Well, Tina started by wooing a random paparazzi in this dying planet (choose lucky palms as town because of it's barren looks) A Date in the legendary fountain of wishes could do the job, after all, his fluids are the only thing worh of him, as candorians says.
Despite having sausages instead of arms and a body almost full of hair, Tina managed to get the paparazzi into her bed, and the proceed of milking him started soon.

The milking was a success and it delivered an human being, this little male already featured potential. He seems to love the outdoors and to be friendly enough. The training begin in the Candorian way, toodlers are first introduced to potty training, then talking and finally walking, however Candorian mothers potty train their children by pissing themselves in front of them.

The children was feed with Candorian breast milk, making him to grow up faster than the average kid, sadly this specimen seemed to be a party animal, making him not worthy anymore, even with his bookworm trait it had to be sent to the cellar cells:

The cellar cells are designed to confine potentially perfect specimens until they are forged at their full pottential. Removing unwanted traits is a must. But since there is not too much to do with this teen anyways until it stops being so careless is time to hunt again.

That night a thief tried to steal from the ship, however, this thief did not steal any Candorian tech, but Tina. Playing herself a willing victim they went into a romance and got milked in an igloo, right at the park.

Sadly, the produce of the thief was botched, the baby born with loves the outdoors but also being absent minded, it was aged too and as a child his features did not enhace at all, he become hot tempered. A child with too much testosterone is no good material. Maybe as a teenager he may get another perfect sign, but overall this specimen is just junk.