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24th Jul 2016, 7:10 PM
Failed imaginary friend

Hello, and welcome to this challenge! No, you are not dealing with the actual imaginary friends here - this one is base-game friendly. Mods are very much allowed.

The premise

"Our child is a special one... When they were younger, we often spotted them talking to thin air. More worryingly, they often said that there was someone in the room with them, at all times. One day, we came home to them crying. 'It didn't work', they said, and nothing more."

For some reason, the imaginary friend could not be turned real. Further research reveals another method that will take some time... and hard work.

Getting started!

Create a family - parents, a child, and at least two more siblings. Create another unrelated child with them - this will be the imaginary friend.
Pets are okay.

Move them into a home, or build one. Note that the imaginary friend cannot get their own room.
You cannot lock any rooms. The child and the IF must be sneakier than that to stay unobserved.
The parents can get a job of their choice straight away.

The child cannot be homeschooled, but the siblings can; it is recommended to have the IF homeschooled as well. (NRaas career mod + homeschooling)

The imaginary friend cannot interact with people, objects or houses while being seen by other people. Set your autonomy levels to high and keep your eyes peeled.

Child stage

The child is just becoming acquainted with the IF. This is exciting! The rest of the family seem worried, however. If the child does well in school and makes friends, that should be enough to avoid being sent away to therapy, right?

The child must...
Become best friends with the IF.
Socialise with the IF at least once a day.
Max the logic skill. Discover all potions OR ten celestial objects on the telescope. Tutor your IF in another skill up to level 3.
Get an A in school.
Become friends with another child from a different household.
Find 5 gems, metals or rocks.
Catch 3 insects.
Catch 5 fish of good quality or higher.
Keep those items in their inventory.
Have family outings once a week. IF stays at home.
Have a birthday party.

The IF must...
Never talk to anyone except for the child.
Stay inside. Stay home from school if you can.
Be alone in the room before they can use any object. That includes pets, but not the child.
Always steal food from the fridge.
Always choose napping over sleeping.
Be very quiet - no stereos, TV or noisy computer games unless the child is in the room with them.
Age up quietly.

Teen stage

Uh-oh, having an IF beyond your childhood years can be tiring. There is more to life than this...

The teen must...
Max the Athletic skill.
Master another skill.
Tutor the IF to level 3 in two skills.
Have two friends in different households.
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend (NOT the IF) and go on three dates.
Get an A in school.
Find 5 gems, metals or rocks.
Catch 3 excellent fish.
Start and maintain a garden of three different plants.
Pick a fight/argue with the IF once a day.
Be best friends with the IF.
Have a birthday party.

The IF must..
Never get a job.
Never talk to the family.
Learn the Charisma skill from a mirror.
Pull a prank on the girlfriend's/boyfriend's home without getting caught by the police OR send mean texts to the girlfriend/boyfriend OR become enemies with the girlfriend/boyfriend. You must be alone with the gf/bf while interacting with them.
Explore the catacombs at the graveyard and find something there.
Always nap, never sleep.
Be quiet - no stereos, TV or computer games.
Give a gift to the teen.
Age up quietly.

Young adult

Now is the time! You can move on with your life at last. But first, make sure nobody questions your sanity.

The YA must...
Be on excellent terms with their family + pets.
Get a job and reach level 3.
Cut any red or pink gem to heart shape.
Catch a perfect fish.
Propose to someone.
Woohoo with someone.
Have three best friends outside the household.
Upgrade three objects.
Be best friends with the IF and know all of their traits.
Cook something perfect with your fish.
Do not age up, or your IF fades into oblivion.

The IF must...
Earn 5,000 simoleons through collecting or fishing or stealing (Kleptomaniac trait).
Walk everywhere or lose 200 simoleons any time they use a vehicle.

Once all of that is done, the IF can finally introduce themselves to the family members.
Become best friends with all of them.

Receive the red/pink heart-shaped gem from your childhood friend.
Congratulations, you are finally real and free to do as you please!

Recommendations (optional)

- Play 'hands-off' with the family members. Only control your main sim and the IF.
- Get a part-time job during the teen years (not the IF).
- Learn to drive (not the IF).
- Have another baby.
- Start on an empty plot and build a very basic house. Become rich and move houses.
- Have the child share a room with their siblings.


Let me know if this works for you. Feel free to tweak what doesn't.
Most importantly - have fun!

26th Jul 2016, 11:15 PM
I think im going to try this out, cause it looks like fun.

30th Jul 2016, 10:12 PM
I think im going to try this out, cause it looks like fun.

Oh, cool, it was a fairly quick challenge for me, but let me know how it goes for you if you do try it out, and especially if you run into any snags. :)

Heart Sims
7th Nov 2016, 12:59 AM
This sounds exciting! maybe I'll make it into a legacy ;) Anyone have any ideas for combination challenges?