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17th Jul 2016, 8:23 AM
Seasons challenge

So I don't know if someone has already done this, but if they have, please note that I thought of this out of the blue and I am not trying to steal this challenge idea from anyone.

For this challenge you will need the sims 3 and seasons expansion pack.

MAIN GOAL:: have as many babies in each season as possible

This challenge is a challenge that will have 4 matriarchs, or main people. You will need to first make 4 sims that are sisters. There will be a sim for each season. You can pick your sims aspersions.


--must have traits--
•loves the heat
•party animal
Can have any other traits.
(My preferences were angler and loves the outdoors traits)
(US) have Gemini, Leo, or Cancer signs
Make her clothes where they would fit in with summer, even the outerwear.

--must have traits--
•natural cook
(I chose bookworm and charismatic as my other traits)
(US) Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio signs
Like before, make her clothes fit in with her season.

--must have traits--
•loves the cold
•easily impressed
(My others were family-orientated and good)
(US) Sagittarius, Capricorn(whoop! Me), Aquarius, and Pisces.
Again, match the season they are.

--must have traits--
•good sense of humor
•green thumb
(Handy and lucky were my extra traits)
(US) Aries and Taurus signs
Like in the other three, match up the season and clothing.


You can do whatever you want with your house!! I just moved into an unfinished house and made two rooms. (one for the girl who's season it is and one for the other girls) I wasn't able to make a basement yet because I was at low funds.


Whoever is your main girl for the season gets the double bed (or nicest bed if all girls have double beds) and the others get the other beds until it is her season.

The girl whose season it is has to have as many babies as possible in that season. The other girls will have to find a job to make money for the house, but will have to quit when it is their turn to have the babies.

Your sims can get a new job after her season is over, but cannot have the same job as before.

After the household is full, move out the oldest child. You can go into your game options to change how fast your sims grow. (I also changed my seasons to 11 days each)

The sisters can have a baby with the same man, just can't have a baby more than once with another sim.

After your sims have become elders, see which sister had the most babies and she is the winner!!!


You can continue this challenge with the children of your originals. You can use cheats and make up your own rules if you would like.

If you would like to make a different version of this, it would be nice if you could credit me for it. Thanks!!

Hope you enjoy this fun challenge!!!!

20th Jun 2017, 8:43 AM
Doing it! Will upload pics, but will be poor quality