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25th Jun 2016, 10:35 AM

Growing up, DJ Casanova seemed to have everything: good looks, brains, and more money than he could ever spend. However, as the child of cold and distant parents, he never learned love. He grew into a devastatingly handsome party boy with no heart. His parents died in suspicious circumstances, leaving DJ with their fortune and the burden of furthering the Casanova bloodline. So, he decided to move to a new town in the hopes of seducing and impregnating as many attractive women as possible ...


1) In CAS, create the most handsome YA or adult male Sim you can. This will be your "Don Juan."
2) Don Juan must have the flirty, commitment issues, and evil traits. Great kisser, irresistible, and charismatic are helpful, but not required. His LTW must be either Heartbreaker or Master Romancer.
3) Buy an empty lot and build/download a bachelor pad that puts Don Juan (and any lady guests) in the mood for some WooHoo.
4) Now, Don Juan is ready to go out, meet attractive women, and Try for Baby with them! Make sure to note any rejected romantic advances.
5) Don Juan will impregnate ten female Sims, regardless of their relationship status. He may ask them to be just friends after WooHoo, but also has the option of keeping them as romantic interests. In terms of points at the end of the challenge, it is safest for Don Juan to be just friends with most (if not all) of his baby mamas. But if you're not afraid to take a risk, stay romantic with as many of the baby mamas as possible and try not to get caught!
6) Between WooHoos, Don Juan will attempt to achieve his LTW, gain skills to enhance his powers of seduction, maintain romantic relationships, and build positive relationships with his children.
7) After the birth of his child/children from the tenth baby mama, Don Juan will invite all of his baby mamas to a party at his house. Let the crazy begin!


1) You may not change Don Juan's appearance, traits, and LTW after creating him in CAS.
2) You can use all the money cheats you want to decorate your bachelor pad.
3) You may not use cheats to improve your Sim's relationships with other Sims.
4) You may not enter into a committed relationship with the Sims you intend to seduce.
5) Since you need to rely on your own seductive abilities to WooHoo with women, you may not use the "Master of Seduction" Lifetime Reward.
6) Don Juan is permitted to have a career, but this is neither necessary nor beneficial for this challenge.
7) Don Juan may not live on the same lot as any of his baby mamas and children.
8) Don Juan may live in any town you want, but is not permitted to move during the game.


1) Impregnate ten different female Sims
2) Maintain positive relationships with as many lovers as possible (WITHOUT getting caught if possible!)
3) Maintain positive relationships with as many children as possible
4) Achieve LTW
5) Develop skills in charisma and mixology


1) Reputation (at end of game):
--- Gain 25 points for Naughty (2 Romantic Interests without getting caught)
--- Gain 50 points for Manipulator (4 Romantic Interests without getting caught)
--- Gain 100 points for Casanova (7 Romantic Interests without getting caught)
--- Lose 25 points for Cheater
--- Lose 50 points for Dirtbag
--- Lose 100 points for Slimeball
2) Relationships with children (at end of game):
--- Gain 25 points for every "friend" relationship
--- Gain 50 points for every "good friend" relationship
--- Gain 100 points for every "best friend" relationship
--- Lose 50 points for every "disliked" relationship
--- Lose 100 points for every "enemy" relationship
3) Misc.
--- Gain 150 points for gaining LTW
--- Lose 25 points for every "Ask to be just friends" interaction you did not initiate.
--- Gain 10 points for every level gained in the charisma and athletic skills.
--- Gain 25 points for every WooHoo with a female Sim in a committed partnership.

Final Note

This challenge is more than a little twisted, but it was fun to create and even more fun to play. Any feedback is welcome to make the gameplay experience the best it can be. Good luck!