View Full Version : Possible to make a computer's screen not turn on when in use?

12th Jun 2016, 1:44 PM
I'm attempting to make an invisible version of Monique's hacked computer, the idea being that you place one on a desk, then use an OMSP to place any non-invisible, non-Monique computer on top of the invisible Monique one so that, essentially, you have an easy way to make any computer into a "Monique computer." I got the thing to be completely invisible when turned off, and it's clickable when it's "under" a regular computer, and the Sim uses it properly with no problems and all that, but there's one problem: The screen when the Monique computer is turned on is no longer invisible, as you can see in the attached screen shot. The screen on the Monique computer is the one behind the visible computer's, obviously. I'm wondering if it's possible to turn the invisible Monique computer's screen off but still have it running.

Now, I realize this won't be perfect even if I get the on-screen made invisible or turned off or whatever because the "real" computer might be entirely turned off and still be "working" if the Monique one is being used or, even if it's turned on, the screen won't be animated as it should be. But that's OK. This is an object mostly for me. I use Monique's computer everywhere, especially since I made versions where the non-hacked functions are autonomous, just as a regular computer. I'm just tired of looking at the same models, but I don't want to fart around making a bunch of clones of Monique's computer with different meshes and cluttering up my catalog, either. This is my compromise. If I can get it to work well enough, I'll put it on my Tumblr for anyone else for whom it might be "OK enough," but I'm not looking for perfection here. That floating screen there is a little too much even for me, though. :) I have a feeling this a global thing and that turning it off would turn off every computer's screen as well, and I don't want that....but if it's possible to turn off just this invisible computer's screen and still have the machine be turned on and running, that would be super. :)