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5th Jun 2016, 9:00 PM
This is my take on the runaway teen couple challenge. All credits for that go to the origanal creator

Okay, as I was reading though the challenges on this website, I saw many a love story, always between a girl and a boy. I thought I would create a challenge sparked by a same sex love interest. Ya know, to put out some diversity. I feel I must say this, but this is not meant to attack small towns, or religions. This is just where my version of the backstory comes from. Feel free to alter it. ;)

Back Story:
"Another day, another week, another month, another year. An endless cycle, of the same s*** over and over again." You mutter, under your breath, as your grab a seat on the school bus. Almost everyone in the entire school is on this bus, it's a small town. Not too many kids. Soon enough, you reach your school. In big letters the sign in front of the school reads, West Bayside County Public High School. Some kids worked hard to remove the "l" in "public", so in now reads "pubic". "Immature idiots", you think to yourself.
Classes had run thoughout the morning, and now it was time for you to go to lunch. "Yes!", you thought to yourself, you were starving. You sat next to your close-nit group of friends, you were all a little strange, but you couldn't have asked for better friends. You were have your regular conversations when someone new sat down next to you. It took you a little bit, but you finally remembered their name. They had all the way from a big city, Seattle, you belive, and had just arrived at school last week.
"Hey" you say
"Hi" they replied timidly. You looked at them, pausing to take a break from wolfing down a burger. You noticed for the first time their eyes, so striking. Their voice was very comforting, like you could melt into a pool of it.
What the f*** was happening to you, you didn't know.
Days turned in to weeks, which turend into months, and soon enough the new kid was becoming you friend. You had invited them over one night, for a sleepover. No(insert opposite sex) your parents had told you. It sucked, a lot of your frineds were of the opposit sex, so they could never come over. You were sitting on your bed. Your younger sister, only ten, was peskering you.
"Out!" You told her. Sulking away, she left. You wondered if she would ever learn. "Finally", you sighed as she left.
"I think she's funny" Replied the new kid.
"Only because you don't have to live with her." You laughed. All of a sudden, the new kid kissed you. You pushed them away, homosexuality was a sin, right? Then why didn't it feel like one? You knew nothing anymore, you needed some air, you needed to leave. You had to run away.
It took a long time before you were ready, and in that time, you were even closer with that new kid, you were even a secret couple. You decided to run away together.


Create one teen sim. Should have the traits Socially Awkward, Good Sense Of Humor, and one skill trait, the rest are up to you.
Next, create another teen sim, of the same gender. Should have the family orentied, hopeless romantic, and irrestistable traits. (I woulld suggest skill traits such as artistic.)

Start of with an empty lot, and only 2,500$. That's about it.

The teens may not leave the lot
The teens' relationship must be kept up very high.
When the teens become adults, they may not get jobs untill the have a house with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and windows in every room.
Again, I don't really have anything else to say, so I will add more when I think of it.

Nrass Mover, Mastercontroller, Woohooer, Careers, Homeshcooling ect. Pretty much those.

Please enjoy!!